Thursday, May 30, 2013

A lesson...

My last couple posts (here and here) have been cheerful and great. 

But while writing them, my family was going through a lot. 
It was hard for me to think about it.
Writing about it here has been down right impossible. 

I talked to my younger brother on the phone. He sounded great. Just bored. He casually informed me that he was home from school because he had some kind of stomach infection. 
No big deal. Nothing serious.  

I wrote this post and left for Scottsdale with NO IDEA of what was to come. 
When I look at my phone in our room at the resort, my heart pounded. 
My sister called me 3 times and sent a text stating that my brother was in the hospital. 
I was so scared. I kept thinking,
"I talked to him yesterday"
"He was fine yesterday". 

I called him and he sounded OK. Just bored. 
He said that the doctors do not know what he had .
He was having stomach pains. 
Internal bleeding. 
He could not walk because of the pain. 

I talk =ed to my brother again. No progress. Same symptoms. 
He was bored. 
and scared. 
How could he not be?

My dad arrived in the states and immediately spent time with my brother.
Everyone is torn up. 
A colonoscopy is scheduled for Tuesday. 
Hopefully we will have answers.  

I prayed and prayed for him.
I secretly said a prayer for him while in the chapel  in Sedona. 
The rosary was my comfort on the drive back from Sedona. 

No news. It was hard to call them while at work and I am assuming that they were sleeping when I called after. I hate the time difference. 

I begged God to keep my brother safe. For a clue as to what is wrong. 


God is good. 

A mass text from my dad. 
They did the colonoscopy. 
Found out what was wrong.
Administered the meds. 
My brother has no more pain.
No more symptoms.

I spent two hours in the adoration chapel that day. 
Thanking God. 

My brother has Crohn's disease.
Now I have to read up and do research.

In this whole experience, I have been reminded that 

God is good.

I have taken him for granted.
No more.


I love you Pachi


  1. Oh Lourdes - what an ordeal! I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through all of this from afar, but I'm happy to hear that there is a diagnosis and now everyone can follow up with solutions to keep the symptoms under control. My thoughts are with you!

  2. God IS good! Glad things worked out. Keep prayin', girl! I'll pray for you, too.

  3. Wow. God is so good to us and faithful. I'm so happy to hear they discovered what is wrong and he is on the mend. I will say prayers for him.

  4. Just now read this, so I got the back story! :) That's so great that he was diagnosed quickly. It took them over a year for them to diagnose me (WHY, I have no idea. When they finally ID's it as Crohn's, they said it was "classis" - so who knows). What treatment is he getting now?


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