Monday, May 20, 2013

120 colors

The week has begun.

Monday is in full swing and I... am in bed. Yup. Who woke up with ANOTHER migraine?

This girl! ::: two thumbs pointing at me:::

But before we get into that... let's recap the happenings of last week and the weekend.

Last week, work was hard. It was difficult to get into the "work" frame of mind. I was missing my family and friends in Florida. My birthday was great, but it made it so much harder to get into the "work" frame of mind.

I was so relieved when Saturday came around. I was surprised by a gift in the mail from my best friend in Gainesville. It was unexpected and truly appreciated.


Man... you should have seen me when I opened the gift. I jumped around the house and may have even squealed a few times.

Colon took me out to Santan Brewery and we tried the Mr. Pineapple.



Colon and I then went to the mall. He needed to get a haircut and I needed to look for a dress for the nights outing. I don't know why I do this to myself. I wait until the last minute to buy outfits. I NEVER end up finding something and I always end up wearing the same old same old from my closet.

On the up side, Colon looked good. I noticed that finding a good barber for men is hard. I think we found a keeper!

That night was amazing. We started getting ready after the mall. I chose a cute dress that I found in my closet (I told you shopping sucks for me). I used my new BH Cosmetics palette and put on some red lipstick.

It's amazing how red lipstick just makes you feel... beautiful!

We pre-gamed at our house. AND I was surprised by an addition to our group. Fellow Gators are fulfilling an internship here in town, and they arrived on Saturday. They were awesome and came out with us to Wild Knight on Saturday.***  It was great seeing them.


Such an amazing night dancing. Spending time with friends. With my love. Such a great birthday celebration.

Sunday started off great. I got a nice amount of sleep. BUT in the middle of lunch, I got a migraine. The rest of my day was shot. We immediately went home and I slept off the nausea and the pounding head ache.

I thought it would go away by this morning. I was wrong. So, I have been resting all day like a lazy person.

All in all. It was a great weekend.

I hope yours was, too!


***(Photos from that night linked here)


  1. I'm so sorry, migranes are so terrible! I think you look amazing. I'm a terrible shopper myself. I've been looking for a little black dress for 6 years and haven't ever found one that I like. oy.

  2. Ugh, migraines are the worst. I hope you got over yours! And I LOVE red lipstick - LOVE it. It really does make you feel totally sassy!

    And going back to the "real world" frame of mind is so hard after you've had a little time off!

  3. Hope you felt better soon!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!


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