Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's on my mind...


What has been on my mind lately? 

+ Weekends go by so quickly. I (along with many others, I am sure) live for the weekend  I count down the weekdays and definitely dread the arrival of Monday. I seriously HATE going to sleep on Sunday because I know that I will have to go to work when I open my eyes on Monday. 

+ The following situation bothers me:
"What brings you all the way to Arizona from Florida?"
Me: "I actually moved out here with my boyfriend. He got a job out here"
"Oh... well that must be nice" with a look of disdain.
  Yes. I know it is not ideal. BUT you do not know me. You do not know my situations. Do not judge. This annoys the crap out of me!

+ Colon went to Tucson with some friends on Friday night for a concert. That left me here on my own for the night. I reveled in my alone time. I went to BJ's and enjoyed a delicious dinner with some yummy beer and finished off dinner with a glass of cream soda and a pizooki. Yes. I went alone. Do you think that is weird? DO you ever go to a sit down dinner alone?

+ I am SO in love with Four Peaks' Arizona Peach ale. I have found myself craving the taste of it every day since I tasted it for the first time two or three weeks ago. If you are ever in Tempe or Scottsdale, AZ I suggest you stop in and try  the AZ Peach ale. It will not disappoint. 


+ I am loving food this weekend. First yummy scampi at BJ"S. Then, pork roast at Four peaks. AND yummy Bandeja Paisa from an Ecuadorian restaurant. SO freaking yummy.  Oh and did I mention that I also got to have a taste of one of my favorite drinks? 


+ I am finally caught up with Game of Thrones and... OH MY GOD. Such an amazing show! I cannot wait until the next episode. 

+ We (Colon and I) are coming up on 6 years at the end of the month. Holy Cow. It's coming up so quickly. I am still undecided on what I am going to get him. 

...and now I am going to keep myself busy so I stop thinking about the 7:30 AM meeting 
I have tomorrow. I am already dreading Monday!



  1. I have gone to sit down meals alone, it's not my favourite thing to do, but it's not so bad. I don't think it's weird though.

    I do go to the movies all by myself a lot though.

  2. I SO sympathize about dreading Sunday evening bedtime!

  3. Ugh I hate when people judge your situation or relationship... they have no idea!

  4. I KNOW ABOUT THE WEEKEND DEAL. EVERY Friday I come home and think "ohhhh I never have to work EVER again! This weekend will last FOREVER!" Then BAM, 60-something hours later I am back in this doctor's office. Berp.

  5. Beautiful first photo!
    come say hi!


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