Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Laziness

Have you ever read a book that consumed your thoughts? 
A book that you were unable to put down. 
A book that made you feel the emotions that the characters were feeling?
 A book that made you cry?

Well.. I sure as hell have. I have read many books like that and I have mentioned several of them on this here blog. BUT, earlier today I finished another one of those emotion-evoking books. I raved about Philippa Gregory several times. Her books have taken up my free time and have kept me coming for more. 

Today, I finished The Queen's Fool. At first, I was skeptical. It was not what I expected and my initial thought was " This book is going to be slow. Should I continue with it." Oh, how I was wrong. I started to feel for the character and took on the character's emotions. I actually cried as I was reading this morning. 

I know I keep going on and on about how good this book is and I know you must be wondering what the book is about. I won't give a summary here. I tend to give TOO much information and I do not want to spoil the story. I have linked the amazon website to the book title above. Check it out if you are curious!

I am sad to have finished this book and am looking forward to starting another one. Guess who the author of my next book will be...


...and reading has taken up an hour or two of my Monday. It has been such an amazing day and the weekend was just as awesome. The last few days have been filled with

1. Blue Moon's while watching the Gators play basketball. 
Yes. We lost yesterday but I am still proud of my team. 
Good luck to all of the teams in the tournament!

2. Spending time around the house being lazy. This is a classic for us. 

3. Play The Sims.

Love. This. Game. 
So obsessed.
 I have it on the computer and for the PS3.

4. Argue with Colon. 
He drives me insane sometimes. He ALWAYS has to be right.
 (I know he will say the same about me). 
He can be the nicest person but he can also be the rudest person I have ever met. 
(Again, he will probably say the same about me)
I still love him, though

5. Talk to my sisters, uncle and mom on the phone. I miss them terribly. 

I told you my weekend was lazy!

I hope yours was too!

Do you have any book suggestions?



  1. I just found out my favorite book is being made into a movie!! It's called the Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
    Read it first, then go see the movie next year :)

  2. I loved The Queen's Fool!!!!! :-D

  3. My weekend was kind of lazy, but kind of action packed. Sometimes being on Holidays just means you have to SEE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

  4. I totally need to add that to my Goodreads.


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