Monday, April 15, 2013

My heart hurts

My heart hurts.

Things have been swirling in my mind lately. Depressing things. Sad things. 

+ SO much bullying going on. 
I see it in the blog world. 
I see it in the media.
People gossiping about others. 
People treating others with so much disrespect and hate.
 It's so freaking sad. Why can't people be nice? 
Let others be. 
What happened to,
"If you don't have something nice to say, then keep your mouth shut!"
It hurts my heart.

+ My heart has been filled with so much anguish.
The Boston marathon bombing makes me cringe and sick.
My prayers go out to those people that have been affected.

Such a sad day.



  1. It is sad to see our world coming to this place of anguish, evil, meanness, and on and on. Praying that we find the peace we are looking for in Jesus. *sigh* it is a sad day.

  2. "Why can't people be nice?" Such a true and valid question. I'm sad too :(

  3. I totally agree...what did happen to if you have nothing nice to say.

    I admit, there are some blogs I read that I love to hate - but one. I would never share which blog that is and b. I never comment because well...that would be mean!

    let's all just play nice.


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