Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who's awesome?

I am just so proud of my Gators! 



 Just read this!


* Life seems to be going well these days. I am loving Arizona. My family is doing well. I am with my love. I am liking my job, so far. Things cannot get any better. 

* Today was just another day of training at work. I am learning a lot and cannot wait to get started with everything.

* Colon and I just went to Grimaldi's and ordered personal pizzas. Extremely delicious and my pizza went well with the Sangria that I ordered. If you ever go to Grimaldi's order yourself a Sangria!

* I got over my runny nose but it has now been replaced by a nasty cough. Why?

I only had random thoughts for today. I just wanted to check in and say hi!

Love you all!



  1. I am just so happy that you're loving your new life in Arizona! It makes me soooo thrilled.

  2. My in-laws live in Arizona and after we just visited a month ago, I have to say, I'm jealous of everyone there this time of year. :-)


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