Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend gone... Weekend again?

it has been a week since I have checked in with you all. Life has been so busy and I come home craving a date with my bed. 



Life has changed in the few days since I have updated last. 

I have had more than one non-training day at work and am getting more comfortable in my role. I still have a lot to work on, but still... I am not as nervous as I was in my last post. 

Last Friday was my first non-virtual-training day. I was not in official computer training, I was watching my coworkers do their thing. I learned so much and was so relieved that I was not put on the spot right away. 

I had the weekend to relax and refresh. Colon was debating whether to go back up to Flagstaff for another snowboarding weekend. It did not happen. (although it may happen this weekend!)

What DID happen? A nap that started Friday night and ended at noon on Saturday. 

AND  an awesome trip to IKEA. We bought bookcases for my room and a rug and coffee table for the living room. Our living room is finally coming together.Thank you Jesus. ::::Melissa Gorga, anyone?:::::::

We then spent the rest of the day doing house errands. Colon started putting together our goodies from IKEA and I decided to make a grocery run at Wal Mart. We still had not ordered a copy of our grocery credit card with my name on it, so I decided to use a a check to pay for our groceries.

 What happened next was quite embarrassing and infuriating. The cashier was dull and quite rude form the beginning. She then began to sigh when she realized I would be paying with check. Well... my check was declined. She looked at me and said "If you had money in the account, you would not have this problem". I was SO UPSET. At her for saying that. At the stupid system for declining my check. I was just upset about the situation. I told her to hold my groceries and sat down at a bench close by so I can call the number on the declined statement. Apparently, the check was declined because it did not have my information pre-printed on my check AND I had not previously used a check for this account (It is a month old account). 

I drove home in a nasty mood. I could have slapped that lady. Ugh. It's making me mad just thinking about it right now.

Sunday was just another day of Laziness. Unpacking some boxes and preparing for a St. Patty's day block party that we were SUPPOSED to attend. (AKA we never made it). We are so lazy!

I went back to work on Monday. This week has been filled with getting to know the job and my coworkers. I have ad an amazing time so far but have been working long hours. I leave work with my bed in mind. So tired.

Thank God that I have tomorrow off.

Other things that have been occupying my week:

Doug. Love this show via

Beautiful orchids from the lover via

Small McDonald's happy meal. Look at how the small the fry package is. via

Cool soda machines. Love them! via

Can you believe the weekend is so close? How has your week been? Do you have any plans for THIS weekend?



  1. That lady at the cashier sounds like a total B. I'm so sorry that you had to put up with her irritating impatience and downright rude attitude. Hopefully this weekend is better!

  2. I love that you included "Doug" in this. I used to watch that show every day!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. Ahh you've just made me crave a cheeseburger!

    Life of Ally


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