Monday, March 11, 2013

Just a small $200 crack!

Wait... What? 

It's Monday night? Where did the end of last week go? And how did this weekend slip by me so quickly? I feel like I say that every week and I am pretty sure that I do! 

Last week was a great week. My first week at my new job. As the week progressed, I was able to have conversations with my coworkers. This made me feel so much better about the new job and I am starting to feel relaxed. That is the first step, right? It's so much easier to feel comfortable and get rid of the nerves when you like the people you work with! That is so important. 

Anyways, last week was my first week in training. Virtual training. Basically it's an online conference. I am in a class with 10 other people from around the States. It is great, but there are a few things that I noticed and have thought about since the class started. 

+ I know it is a class. But it is for work. Why do people use incorrect grammar and slang throughout the class? I cringe every time I see "knowtice" and the incorrect usage of "there/ their/they're". I promise that I am not a grammar nazi. That is definitely not me. BUT when I am in any kind of work setting, I try to watch what I type and the way I type! 

+ There is always "THAT" person. You know. The one that is sucking up. Putting in cheesy sayings. Interrupting the instructor to say some cheesy line. This makes me cringe. 

These things have been driving me crazy, but I am still enjoying the class. The instructor is awesome and my classmates are pretty cool.


I ended my first week on a great note. My weekend was amazing.


Colon and I slept in and hung out in bed for a while. Once we got up, it was time to get to work. We had to quickly pack for our trip to Flagstaff! Colon is ADDICTED to snowboarding and has not stopped talking about it since we first went to Snowbowl. 

After we packed, we stopped by Ski Chalet and picked up his new board, boots, and bindings. Yup. It was only our third time skiing/ snowboarding and he has already bought his gear. Obsessed, I tell you!

We then drove our starving butts to an Ecuadorian restaurant named "Mi Comida Restaurante Latina" in Phoenix. The place was busy and all of the tables were taken, but a nice couple invited us to sit at our table. While we waited for our orders to arrive, we had a lovely conversation with the couple. The food was amazing; the company was fulfilling, and we made our way out of Phoenix fighting a food coma. 

Do you see how amazing the food looks? So freaking yummy!
Via Instagram 

The drive to Flagstaff was beautiful as usual. AND as with any roadtrip that I take, I ANNOY the hell out of Colon while we make our way up. I ended up bringing a pack of  Swedish fish and kept pretending that they were swimming around the car. I periodically ate their tail and they would fall into my mouth since they could not swim without their tail. He was not amused!

Via Instagram @lechagar

I do not think I will get over the fact that the scenery goes from this....

Via Instagram @lechagar
to this....

Via Instagram @lechagar

When you drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff! What a freaking change!

I am also amazed at how beautiful the snow is. I mean, how could anyone resist a setting like this?....

Via Instagram @lechagar

Anyways... I had fun skiing and Colon had 10x more fun. OBSESSED! He keeps mentioning another trip before the season ends. He is starting to get depressed because the end of the season is imminent. he is already planning another trip. 

Anyways, my amazing trip experience was dampened by a rock. A rock that hit my windshield while driving to Flagstaff. AT first, we noticed a small crack that was about the length of a dollar bill. By the time we made it back to Phoenix, that crack was double the size. 

Via Instagram @lechagar

I am so mad. that crack is huge and my windshield needs to be replaced. :::Insert sad face:::

...and now I am here on a Monday night. My body extremely sore. My face windburned. Sad about my car BUT happy because my life seems to be going so well lately (minus the windshield incident).

How was your weekend?



  1. How sweet of that couple to let you sit with them! :)
    If you want good skiing, you should come visit the good ol' Rocky Mountains of CO! We go on a ski trip every year :)

  2. "Phoenix to Flagstaff"

    We used to make that drive a lot and wow is it different! I have no idea how it can even be the same state, but somehow it works.


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