Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Weekend... Thank God you are almost here

It's Friday...

My last day of work.
The last day of the week.

Hello weekend.

We do not have much planned this weekend.
Thank God. 
I am looking forward to a relaxed weekend with my love.
No responsibilities.

Just fun.

...and maybe a lot little bit of The Sims.


Dear Baby You are amazing. Our conversation last night showed me (again) how amazing you are. I am still awed by how you reason and rationalize situations. Dear current soon to be past job I am actually sad to leave you and say goodbye. You gave me the opportunity to meet some great people. Dear dark, dry patch of skin on my butt cheek please leave. I am tired of you and am ready for you to say goodbye. Dear bloggers Sorry for that patch of information. Too much? Dear Baby I think it is time to get furniture for the guest room slash MY arts and crafts room. I am ready to unpack all of my books and arts and crafts! Oh and I am ready to have a room for visitors.  Dear Kindle I have had you in my reach at all times in the last few weeks. I love it. I am kind of addicted to you!

Dear bloggers I hope you have an amazing weekend!

May it be lazy, relaxing, and refreshing.



  1. SOunds like you have the PERFECT Weekend coming up :) Enjoy it.

  2. I hope your weekend is double as amazing as you're planning on it being. :-)


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