Saturday, March 30, 2013

A lazy Saturday...

It's finally the weekend. Thank you Jesus!

It could not have come fast enough. This week was pretty rough. You could probably tell by the lack of posts this week. Every day I came home from work exhausted. My body aching and my feet begging for a foot massage. 

Although I come home exhausted from work, I am definitely coming to love my job more and more. My coworkers are growing on me and I am starting to feel more comfortable in my work environment. My boss is amazing.

This does not stop me from enjoying my weekend off. AND I also have Monday and Tuesday off. I am so excited and was ready for my time off last night. 

Yesterday, I drove straight to Buffalo Wild Wings right after work to watch the Florida Gators play Florida Gulf Coast. I am a Gator. I love my team and I love my school. Last weekend, while I was streaming the Florida vs Minnesota game, I received updates that FGCU won their game. I thought their story was inspiring. Everyone loves to see the underdog win. 

At the end of that day, I knew we would be playing them and I was OK with losing to them. They were doing great and I also like to see the underdog win.

I was OK until I saw this video:

What the hell. FGCU. Have some class. I can understand being excited and wanting to win. But chanting "F*ck the Gators?". Grow up and learn some class. 


So yeah. I was overly happy last night when we beat them. GO GATORS! :)

In other news, I have spent my Saturday running errands and watching Doctor Who. Such a relaxing weekend and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 

I even had a forty minute conversation with my uncle and a thirty minute conversation with my sister. This made my day since I have been unable to speak with them the past few weeks. Life has been taking over and the time difference is brutal. I miss them terribly.

Now, I am going to continue my relaxing day by playing Sims 3!

I hope your weekend has been great, so far!

Xo Lourdes

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