Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Squish the banana

Just another phrase I learned this weekend. 

Ahhhh... it was so amazing. I cannot even believe the amount of fun I had. It started with a great Friday night at The Hungry Monk (at least I think that is what it is called!) for Happy Hour.  We met up with some of Colon's friends for some drinks. I think this will become a weekly thing. After we freshened up and changed  we all headed out to Tempe for more drinks and some dancing. 

Beginning of the night. NOT all mine :)  Only one of those glasses  is mine. 
Saturday was such a beautiful day.

 Colon and I started with errands. He had to take his car in and I was along for the ride. We then had lunch at Rudy's (Yummy Bar-b-que) where I pigged out on a half pound of baby back ribs.

The rest of the day (and weekend) flew by. This weekend was a weekend of firsts.

We spent the rest of Saturday picking out clothes for the snow. A first. I had never really seen snow. SO... we headed to Ski Pro (again... I am not sure of the name of the store). They were having a sale and we spent hours trying to figure out what we needed. We ended up buying:

Our first layer. These things are funny to me. Not at all flattering.
- A couple of fleece sweater/ shirts. This was what we got for our second layer.
- Ski/ snowboarding jackets. So freaking expensive. Even with the sale discount.
- Ski/ Snowboarding pants. 
- Socks. I never knew that you needed a special kind of socks for the snow
- Glove liners and gloves. Who knew that glove liners existed AND that there were different types of gloves/ mittens.

I learned a lot within the store. I started to feel overwhelmed while we were in there. So many options.

That visit left us pooped. So we headed home and watched cartoons (Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends) for an hour or two before heading to dinner.

It was so easy to fall asleep that night. We were tired from shopping and were so excited for the next day! 

Sunday started quite slow. Our alarm went off at 4 am and Colon got up. Notice how I only mentioned Colon. I was too tired to get up right away. He had to coerce me to get out of bed. But once I was up, the excitement motivated me to get ready. 

On went the first layer. Then the second layer. Eventually we were out the door. We met up with Colon's friends and started our commute to Flagstaff. Colon's friend just bought a HUGE Excursion (***not new. This is important!) and offered to drive. So, we piled into the HUGE car and drove. It was cool seeing the scenery change from dry desert to snow. It was amazing. 

I first saw the snowy mountains from afar. Then came the small patches of snow on the sides of the highway. Then small flakes started to fall from the sky. This was my first experience with snow and words cannot describe the way it made me feel. Everyone kept saying that I was lucky to have fresh, powdery snow for my first skiing experience. 

Once we got to the resort, Colon and I rented our gear and signed up for out lessons. We missed the 10 AM lesson so we had to get the 1 PM lesson. Since we had so much time before our class, we decided to go out to the bunny hills by ourselves and mess around. Colon jumped on his snowboard right away. I was watching other people practice. Finally, I decided to try it out. I put on my ski but I am an idiot and put on the ski while facing downhill.

Guess what happened...

As soon as I got my ski on, I started to head downhill. I accelerated so quickly and since I never had a lesson I had no idea how to stop. Eventually, I was able to make myself fall. I was so scared after that, but I decided to keep trying. Especially since the girlfriend of one of Colons friends/ coworkers came over and gave me tips. 

Finally, it was time for our lessons. Believe it or not I did not fall while skiing. I only fell getting off of the lift. Those things scare me!

Near the end of the lesson, the snow started coming down hard. I could hardly see anything, so I decided to go back in and call it a day. All in all, I LOVED skiing and I cannot wait to go back and try again. So much fun!

Once we left the resort, we decided to go to a Thai restaurant before we made the two hour journey home. I wish I could remember the name so I could recommend it to you all!

We thought we were going to have a smooth ride home. We were EXTREMELY wrong. There was bumper to bumper traffic two hours from Phoenix. While we were sitting through this traffic, the car rumbled and died. It turns out the gas gauge was not working and the driver was keeping track of the gas by his gas mileage calculations. Apparently he was not taking several factors into account. So... After  thirty or so minutes, we had to have the snow plows plow the snow from the road shoulder and Arizona highway patrol tow us to the side of the road. We then waited for an hour or two for someone to come out and bring us a gallon or two of gas. When someone finally arrived, we realized they did not have gas. They were told that they would have to tow us. Anyways, we ended up waiting another thirty minutes to an hour for him to come back and get gas. 

While all of this was going on, I was scared, nervous, and frustrated. Everyone had work the next day and we were all exhausted from the skiing/ snowboarding. I kept envisioning us freezing to death. But we didn't. We FINALLY filled up our tank and decided to freshen up at a rest area before we started the long journey to Phoenix. 

Snow on the tree at the rest area. Just beautiful!

My being immature touching the snow on the tree at the rest area. 
We FINALLY made it into Phoenix and were so close to picking up our car, when we see the flashing lights of a cop. I was pissed. I was exhausted and fed up. I just wanted my bed. The cop gave a warning to the driver for not having mud flaps on his car and we were done for the night. It did not take me long to fall asleep that night. That's for sure!

This weekend was amazing and I LOVE skiing. I have been dreaming about skiing for the past two days and Colon has been itching to go snowboarding again.

Sorry for such a long post. I just had to tell ya'll about my amazing weekend!



  1. Yayyy! I'm so glad you got some snow and a chance to ski. You're totally beating me - the last time I went skiing was 2 or 3 years ago. Even though I already have the jacket/gloves/etc., just renting all that equipment and lift passes gets expensive! I'm so glad that you got this opportunity! :)

  2. Skiing is so exhausting - i would have been super grumpy too! But it sounds like an amazing weekend! I miss snow so so so much.

  3. I HAAAAATE skiing, lol. Unless it's on the water! I somehow feel like that's safer (I doubt that's true too).


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