Monday, February 4, 2013

Just another Monday

Hello ya'll. 

It's Monday and...yeah. It's Monday. The beginning of the week. A week that followed a relaxing weekend. A weekend full of fun with Colon, catching up on The Vampire Diaries, food, football, drinking, and... more food. The "more food" would mainly refer to the ribs that I made. I tried to make them as yummy as my moms. That did not happen, but they were still great!

What did my weekend consist of?


Friday: Friday night started off with a couple drinks at Sandbar. Colon and I met up with a couple of his colleagues for a couple of drinks. Sandbar was the scene of mine and Colon's squabble over two plates of taquitos. When it comes to food, we have trouble sharing. We then went out to a place called Axis Radius in Scottsdale. Fun times. Fun times.

Saturday: Saturday was spent running errands with Colon. Picking up different things that we needed. Like decorative towels for the guest bathroom and food for the small Superbowl get-together that we were planning to host. I even convinced myself to buy E.L.F.'s Mist and Set (which works wonders, by the way!)

Saturday night Colon and I went out to Canteen in Tempe. I do quite enjoy this place, but Saturday was a little bit too crowded. Too many drunk people.

Sunday: Colon and I did not leave our bedroom until 11:00 (and that sounds HILARIOUS! I know!). I woke up early and I watched TV until Colon was ready to get up. Once we got over the laziness, we got the house ready for our guests.

We then watched the Superbowl. I must say. The commercials were not that impressive this year. I did laugh at some, but I was not interested in them at all. AND what the hell is up with the Godaddy commercial?That creeped me out!

Yup, the weekend was great. I ate McDonalds before we went out on Saturday and Sunday (gross... I know). I met some great people this weekend (awesome!). We hosted our first get together in our new house (freaking awesome!). AND... I got some lazy time with my lover!

This weekend was great.

If you cannot tell, I have been lacking blogger-motivation lately. I need to get it together!

Hope your weekends were great!


PS... I had never seen The Vampire Diaries and decided to give in since the first 3 seasons are on Netflix. Damn. I am addicted. 

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