Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Tuesday...?!?

Throughout the day, I have had to remind myself that it is only Tuesday. It really does feel like Wednesday. It's crazy how this happens. It seems that I am always mixing up days and it has become harder for me to keep track of the days.

 Why is the week going by so slowly?

Anyways... I have some good news. I am no longer stressing out. I accepted a job people AND today was my second day! It's something to keep me occupied while I am applying and looking for something that is more ME. <---- Because passion is an important element of any job for me. 

The thing is that it is a part time retail job. It's not me and I am hoping to find something else quickly. Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying it so far. But I do not see myself doing this for long.


I have been searching and searching for something but I am still unsure of what I want to do with my life. This is causing me to stress out. I have not been sleeping very well and am constantly waking up throughout the night thinking about this situation. My heart beats quickly and the room gets so hot. My mind races with thoughts. Once this happens, it's so hard to go back to sleep. The mornings are the worst. I wake up at 6 am  with the same symptoms and there is NO WAY I am able to fall back asleep because the sun is coming up. 


I had a phone interview with a job that I am REALLY interested in. I am supposed to hear back in 3-5 days. Today is day 1. 


What happens if I do not get a call? What happens if I do? Is it wrong of me to immediately quit this part time job? 


Colon says not to worry. Everything will be fine. I love him for that. 

So, I will not let everything stress me out. I am stressing out over nothing. 
I am so lucky to have a job. So many people don't. 
I am so appreciative of this job. 
I am actually enjoying it so far. My coworkers are extremely sweet and the atmosphere is comfortable. I am lucky. 

Lucky to have this job. Lucky to have such a supportive family. Lucky to have Colon. Lucky to have such amazing friends. Lucky to be meeting people here in Arizona. Lucky to have a roof over my head. Lucky to have more than enough food for every meal. Lucky to have such an amazing God looking after me. 


I am especially lucky to have the day off tomorrow. A day where I will be able to work on being myself. Yeah, I'll have to run to pick up a couple of groceries and clean the house. BUT I will have the rest of the day to fill with activities that I like to do. I think I will...

+ Check out downtown and see what it has to offer. I hear there are nice antique shops and restaurants to stop by.

+ Check out the library. You know how I am with books. PLUS I think I will get a library card.

+ Start another book. I finally finished "Hiding in Sunshine" and I loved it. check it out!

By the way, this was book 1 out of 24 for 2013. 
23 more books to go this year!

+ Oh, and finish sending out my Valentine cards that I bought today.

Yup, I am still a kid.
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Before I go, Look what I got!

NYC City Duet Eye Shadows
811 Island Sunset
812 Bowling Green
813 Yankee Blues
 Yup. I know I am cool!

Love you all!



  1. I'm sorry that you're so stressed out about your job! I hope that you find something you want and love soon. What types of jobs are you looking for?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed regarding the call back for the interview you had!!!

  2. i wish job hunting wasn't so stressful, but it is. It really is. Try to forgive yourself for being stressed - because I'd think you were crazy if you weren't!

  3. Ugh I remember being job stressed. it is the worst!

  4. Good luck!
    wish you the best!


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