Thursday, February 14, 2013

All you need is love...

Yup. That is all you need. BUT I need to say three words to everybody!


I hope everyone is having fun tonight. Whether you have a Valentine or not, make the most of tonight. Hell, I have a Valentine and really just want to have a relaxing night in.

Speaking of my Valentine:

My FAVORITE picture of the two of us.

 I love you babu.
 I am so happy that we have been together for the last five and  a half years. 
You make me so happy and I am so glad that I moved to Arizona with you. 
No regrets.
You are my rock and my support.  
You always know what to say to make me smile. 
You always know how to make me feel loved. 
I love you. 
So much. 

...and I am done being mushy.

It's OK to be mushy, though. Do you know what else is OK?

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

+ That I waited more than two weeks to buy Draino for my bathroom sink and tub.

+ That I started to laugh out loud in the mall when I saw the email from Influenster letting em know that I am getting another Voxbox. Oh yeah, babu.

+ That I am nervous about the interview that I have tomorrow. My job  prospects are coming together!

+ That I am finally liking my job and this interview is throwing me through an emotional loop.

+ That I have been dreaming about skiing every night this week. I want to go back!

+ That I sent robot Valentine cards to my friends. I told you I was still a kid!

+ That I bought a card for Colon and thought that the colors on it were orange and blue. (Go Gators). In reality, the colors were purple and red. Go figure.

+ That I bought a Valentines card for Colon because I thought they were the colors of my Alma Mater. Kind of weird, right?

+ That I have been craving a chocolate bar for a week and FINALLY gave in tonight. I ate a Snickers bar and it was damn good.

+ That I am nervous about this weekend's Vegas trip. I do not know what to expect... But I am still excited.

+ That Colon and I do not have plans for Valentines day.

+ That I am so in love with Colon. Even after over 5 years of dating.

+ That I am going to stop for now because Colon just got home and said we were going somewhere.

Love you all and Happy Valentines day!


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  1. Aw! I made IC a card for our first valentine's day but we kind of stopped with the card thing :)

    You two are so cute! Happy Valentine's day.


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