Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's OK... Arizona style!

It's Thursday people.
 One more day until the weekend.
 Get excited! 

Colon and I are planning a weekend trip but we are undecided on where we should head to. How awesome is it that we have thousands of places to discover during the weekends. We shall never be bored again... 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

+ That I am still mourning the loss of my Florida license. When they punched a hole in the license they ended up piercing a hole in my heart. I love you Florida!

+ That I constantly go onto any makeup shopping site, start a cart, realize that I cannot spend money, and immediately delete the shopping cart. This usually happens on: E.L.F, Ulta. basically any makeup site. Am I the only one? 

+ That I have no idea what Trader Joe's is. But I have seen it mentioned on multiple friend's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for the past few days. Clue me in, people!

+ That I am leaping for joy because of the rainy weather that has rolled in to Phoenix today. I was excited when I saw the clouds last night and then... I woke up and heard trickling outside. Oh, how amazing!

+ That it has been more than a week since I wore makeup. I actually have not put anything on since I left Gainesville. What is happening?????

+ That I have also been hearing about the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and am curious. So.... I am going to start watching it!

+ That I started "unsubscribing" from certain blogs after trying to catch up on my blog reading. No offense to anyone, but if I constantly find myself "nexting" your posts then there is no point in keeping you on my feed. 

+ That I will NEVER go back to waxing my eyebrows. It has been a year since I transitioned to threading and I love it. I found a new place today and they did a pretty good job!

+ That the eyebrow threaders ALWAYS ask me if I would like to have my lip hairs threaded also. Thank you for noticing my mustache! 

+ That Colon says that my eyebrows look worse than usual. Thank you, baby. You make me feel so special :)
My eyebrows have a different growth pattern at certain points and it is hard to make them even. this was what he was referring to. 

+ That Colon drives me crazy. BUT he has been such an amazing boyfriend lately. (Not that he has not been one for the whole time that we have been dating...he has just been especially loving these last few weeks). Showing me so much love!

...and It is NOT OK that Cox has been such a let down. we have had SO many problems with them in Florida and we ALWAYS give them a chance. BUT they CONSTANTLY go back on their word and their customer service is horrible. So, we are at our last strand and we are ready to look for a different internet/ cable company. Any ideas?

I am heading out! 

Love you all!


PS... if any readers are Cox employees, I am not directing my comments at you. Our feelings are based on our experiences with Cox. Sorry if I offended anyone!

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  1. Don't worry, I grew up 10 minutes away from a Trader Joe's and still have never been! ;)
    xo TJ


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