Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's dark outside and we are STILL in Texas. This state is freaking HUGE. So many different landscapes and so beautiful. I am enjoying driving through this state! I give all of you Texans props for living in such a beautiful state. 

I still miss Florida, though. Nothing will replace Florida as my home. This was clear to me when we made the five hour (more like 6 because we were also hauling my car) drive from GainesvIlle to Pensacola on Sunday. Remember how I said we started the drive around 4PM? Remember how I said that I was frustrated? Well, that went away when we arrived in Pensacola. We were late but I was home wth my madre. She had to sleep early that night but she had all my favorite dishes prepared for us. She even made an effort to wake up and meet Colon's parents. It was great.

I had been nervous about the moment when the parents would meet. It was important to me for everyone to like each other. I have seen instances where

a) in-laws do not like significant others, or

b) in-laws do not like each other

and it causes so much strain on a relationship. So, it was SUCH a big deal for them to like each other. And it seems like it was a success. They obviously aren't best friends but they made conversation. My mom even said that she liked them. My mom never says that unless she means it. So, SCORE!

We were able to spend Monday in Pensacola. My mother stil had to work but Colon, his parents, and I filled our time with shopping. We had a couple of things to pick up for the trip (like a neck pillow). Once my mother was off she insisted that she cook and invite aunts and uncles for dinner. God forbid we go out to eat. She insisted that I take Colon and his family around Pensacola.

Where did I take them? To Pensacola beach, of course. We walked and took pictures. Dipped our toes in the water and quickly regretted it. It was nice and peaceful.

Once we were exhausted and starving, we headed home. Family members had arrived and dinner commenced. The food... oh, how yummy it was. My mom made ribs and pansit (a Filippino noodle dish) and by ding it she made it harder for me to accept that I was moving farther away.

The atmosphere was great. It was so hard to say bye to my ants and uncles. I missed my cousins already. It was freakin hard. That was how Monday ended. Saying goodbye to my family.

It was hard for me to sleep that night.

...and when I woke on Tuesday it felt like I had just gone to bed. My mom was at work and we had to get ready to head out. The car was ready and packed all too quickly.

It was time to say goodbye to my aunt (she lives with my mom). This should have been easy. But she started crying. Then I started crying. (Yes the ugly crying face was brought out for the world to see). And that was that. We made our way out of Pensacola...out of Florida. Goodbye.

Sleep. Wake up. Talk nonsense. Bother Colon. The pattern of the drive.

Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. The states we passed through. I-10 was our companion.

Steak and shake was our sustenance. Oh, and so was lots and lots of soda.

Texas has enslaved our time since Tuesday (yesterday). We ended up stopping our drive in Houston. We were exhausted and stressed. Colon and I even got into a spat where:

+ I called him rude and
+ He called me selfish.

You see... our relationship isn't perfect! :-) We let the stress get to us. But that's ok because we woke and had a much better day today. But you will hear about that in my next post. I need to bother Colon now.

Adios friends!

XO Lourdes

NOTE...I am still typing on my phone! So please don't make fun of spelling errors!


1. My last glimpse of Pensacola beach in a long time
2. Entering a new state.
3. Norton wanting out!

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