Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear world...

Today is the day. The day that I said farewell to my coworkers. Farewell to Gainesville Place. I have had a two year relationship with this property and it is so hard for me to say goodbye. I have met wonderful people and have made amazing friends. Even if I have been waiting for this day for a long time, I am having such a difficult time leaving. 

The best thing I can think of doing is writing a couple of letters to those that I love!

Dear GP I hate saying goodbye. The experience that you have given me is priceless and is truly appreciated.  You are not just a property. You have been a home to me for the last two years. You have introduced me to the best people!

Dear GP team. I have had such a great time  working with you and have truly fallen in love. We have been through a lot and I want you to know that you will forever be in my hearts.

Dear Kirsten I cried today. I already miss you! Love you tons and I am praying for you! I know you are going through a hard time!

Dear Colon. You FINALLY got in town. We have so much to do and just having you here relieves the stress from level 100 to level 5. I missed you alot.

Dear belongings. Pack yourself. Please and thank you!

Dear farewell dinner. I had so much fun with the GP team last night. Seeing everyone reminded me of why I love my job. I had so much fun. The only thing that could have been fixed is the move that we had to make from Friday's to Outback Steakhouse.

Dear Colon. Thank you so much for the orchids today. They made me feel so special. You know what I like and I love you for being such a sweet boyfriend.

Dear Friday's employee. Get your shit together. When we made the reservation, we specifically told you that we had a party of 16 and we wanted to sit at the SAME table. It is unacceptable that you tried to seat us at 2 separate tables because of fire codes. You were wrong and your manager even confirmed that you were wrong. You lost a LOT of tips yesterday.

Dear Outback. You are awesome. You were able to accommodate a party of 16 in less than 30 minutes. It was busy and I commend you for it.

Dear blogworld. I will try to post here and there during our trip.

Love you all!

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