Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catching up...No thanks to Cox

Hey everybody,

Do you remember me? It has been a long while since I posted something substantial. I FINALLY have internet and have started to read through all of the ~500 blog posts on my blog feed. It's definitely been fun.

The last few days have been exhausting. The unpacking and organizing leave Colon and I pooped at the end of the day. We crossed the border into Arizona on Thursday. The drive, although long, was absolutely beautiful. Who knew that desert could be so appealing? And it was amazing to drive along the border and see portions of Mexico as we were driving through West Texas.

The unpacking started right away and it still is not completed. the last few days have been filled with:

+ trips to the grocery store

+ trips to Ikea

+ trips to Wal-Mart

+trips to Best Buy

+trips to Fry's

+ lots and lots of eating

+tons of moisturizer.

My body is NOT liking the lack of humidity. My skin is so effing dry. It is unbearable. I itch and my eyes are constantly asking to be rubbed. I moisturize my face more than twice a day and I have hand moisturizer in my purse. My throat has been hurting ever since we hit West Texas. I am going to assume that it is due to the dry weather because I feel immediate relief when I drink water.

NOTE TO SELF: Carry water in purse at ALL times!

Colon's parents ended up leaving on Sunday night. BUT we were able to sneak in a hiking trip before they left. It was my first hiking trip in Arizona and it was gorgeous. the only thing that sucked was that we did not bring water. We intended to bring water, but we forgot. I regretted that half way through the hiking.

Having Colon's parents with us was amazing. These past few days have allowed me to establish a relationship with his mother. She is an amazing woman and I am so lucky to have her as a prospective mother in law.

... and with that, I am going to leave you with pictures from the past few days. The time change has not caught up to me and I am still on East Coast time!

Colon ate his FIRST Twix EVER

Driving though Texas

They were putting these towers throughout I-10 in West Texas


Riding into Paradise!

Holding hands. Still in love after more than 5 and a half years!

Norton. He was a trooper throughout the drive!

Sign found at Rudy's in Arizona

Great lunch at an Ecuadorian restaurant!


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