Monday, January 28, 2013

Bye Bye weekend...hello first day of work (his not mine)

The weekend has come... and gone.

Colon has finally started work and I have been driving around (, missing Colon)and getting to know the city. As I sit here, I can see dark clouds approaching and it:

+ makes me happy because clouds usually indicate rain
+ makes me miss Florida more.

This weekend was a pretty good weekend. It was my first "settled in" weekend in Arizona. It started with a nice dinner to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

To. Die. For.

The Gyro was AMAZING and if you are ever in a city that has this restaurant, I recommend stopping by for a bite to eat.

We then  headed home to get ready for a night out with Colon's friend. Let's be honest. I was EXTREMELY nervous. Remember how I mentioned in this post how nervous I was about making friends in  Arizona. Well, it really kicked in that night. Not only was this a person that I did not know, this was Colon's friend. She was awesome and made me feel comfortable right away. It was a great night full of dancing and hanging out. Thus went my first night out in Arizona. It was a success!

There was another thing that made Friday night a success. In my last post, I mentioned that the rain was ruining our weekend plans. We were planning on going a hiking/ sight seeing road trip but decided to cancel because rain was in the forecast.

...and the forecast was accurate. It drizzled Friday night and I LOVED it!

I woke up on Saturday at 4 am to the sound of trickling rain. I heard it, smiled, and went back to bed. It was the best sound ever. When I woke up later, it was STILL raining. It basically rained ALL day. AMAZING. We spent the day being lazy. Colon played video games ALL DAY and I cleaned, watched makeup blogs, and played with my makeup. ::::obsessed...I know::::

Our lazy day ended with another night out in Scottsdale. This time, there were more people. I was still nervous, but yet again, the people were great. It was more of a low key environment and I was actually able to talk and get to know the people. Loved it!

I cannot figure out how to turn the picture

The weekend ended with a(nother) perfect lazy day. I finally received "Hiding in Sunshine" by John and Caitlin Stuart  from Influenster. I sat down and enjoyed the first few chapter. I promise to review it as soon as I finish! We also made a trip to Ulta and you know that I cannot leave that store without buying at least one thing. I ended up with:

+ Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
-I have been hearing so much about this concealer and after wearing it today, I agree with all of the reviews. It is freaking awesome.

+ Yellow Eye-shadow
- The yellow eyeshadow search has been haunting me for the past couple of months. I wanted a single eyeshadow and this color ALWAYS ended up in palettes. I finally found this eyeshadow at ULTA. I wore it today and it looks amazing! I tried taking 1000+ pictures and none of them showed the magnificence of this eye color. BOO!

+ NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie

...and all I can say is that this weekend was great. I will leave you with the following picture that I posted on Instagram. (@lechagar)

A scorpion that was crushed by my garage door. EWWW!


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