Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bye bye Gainesville... Hello...

I thought it would be fun to post my last Arizona journal entry today since we have started the first leg of our journey to Arizona. We have packed our belongings and turned in our apartment keys. Our first stop will be in Pensacola to visit my mom.

If you are new to this here blog and/or have not been following along for the past couple of months, then you probably do not know that I am moving to Arizona. A huge change that I have been dealing with for a while.

When Colon first mentioned moving, I wrote this post. It took me a while to write it. A month to be exact. When he first mentioned the possibility of moving out of Florida, I did not react well. I started crying and was strongly opposed to it. I was embarrassed by my response, so I did not write a post. When I finally typed that post, I was more open to the idea. You can see my struggles in it and after rereading the post I realize that it sounds as if I am trying to convince myself that everything will be all right.

The questions and uncertainty did not go away. You can see my emotional journey in these posts under the "On our way to Arizona" labels.

I finally announced the move to Arizona in this post. By the time I wrote that post, I was optimistic about the move. But, I came to this point after so much emotional turmoil. you can read the journal entries here, here, and here.  Today I am posting the last of those entries. I hope you enjoy!


November 11, 2012

It's been awhile since I have written an entry about my upcoming move to Arizona. I have already written so much about being nervous and anxious and I would love to say that it has gone away. BUT it hasn't. It's just excitement is slowly overcoming the anxiety. Especially since we will be travelling to Arizona in exactly a month to look at houses and apartments. Think about that. We will know where we will be living...IN A freaking MONTH!!!!

So, I have been making lists and planning aspects of the move. I have also been reading up on different things to do in Arizona. Everything I have been hearing and reading about has sounded...ADVENTUROUS. I cannot wait!

What else have I been doing? Looking for Arizona bloggers. People to follow. People to make friends with. Maybe...

Yup. I will definitely need to make friends. I hope I meet people when I go out there. I hope my "loner tendencies" will not stop me from making friends.

I hope. I wish. I pray.


Short and sweet. I am still nervous about meeting people. How do adults make friends anyways?


PS. This post was written days in advance! I will update you on the trip as soon as things settle down!

PPS.... Wish us luck on this trip. We will be driving ALOT


  1. So exciting. Make adult friends is so hard, but I think blogging is a great way to do it! I've met some very dear friends via my blog :)

    Good luck while you're in transit!

  2. I know that it will work out! Trust in him... I'm working on that one myself! Looking forward to hearing about your Drive :)


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