Friday, January 25, 2013

A letter for you...and you...and you!

Dear week. It's Friday. Thank you, Jesus. (Melissa Gorga, anybody?)

Dear Norton. You are the CUTEST thing. I love you to death.

Dear Babu. It is NOT weird that I call Norton my turtle child. You are his dad and I am his mom. Get it straight!

Dear blog world. I love you and hope you are not turned off by the randomness of this post.

Dear blog world. Again. Yes, "randomness" is a word. 

Dear Kirsten. Thank you for posting that picture of Apple Cider Vinegar and reminding me of it's goodness.

Dear Apple Cider Vinegar. You are amazing. I am feeling great today. I woke up without having heavy sleepy eyes. I feel refreshed and ready for the day. You are good for my skin, my hair, my body pH, and you are a great healthy source of energy. So, I decided to try you last night. My stomach does not feel as bloated. My throat has been hurting the last couple of days and guess what... It is all better today. Thank you, ACV. Thank you!

Dear makeup. Yesterday, I mentioned that I have not worn you in over a week. I know you were lonely and questioning whether I loved you. Don't worry. I could never stop loving you.
I broke that streak today. I was feeling great and had the urge to put myself together. The week without you gave me time to moisturize my skin and repair the damage that the lack of humidity did to my skin. My skin is finally feeling good and I am not too worried about you drying out my skin.

Dear Norton. You had us worried for a little while. You only stayed on one side of the tank and we did not know why. Thank you for swimming around and playing on the other side of the tank today. Love you!

Dear Arizona. You thought you had me. BUT I was able to counteract your lack of humidity. HA. I win!

Dear Parenthood. Why do you ALWAYS make me cry.

Dear Colon. I am going to miss you during the day when you start work next week.

Dear Arizona. Get. It. Together. I thought it never rained here. Why are you making the planning of our road trip/ hiking plans so difficult?

Dear Makeup. I tried something different today and I love it! I am all about using different colors but I usually default to a black kohl liner for my water line. I have a ton of brown eyeliners, but never use them. Today was the first day I used them and I actually love it! So, I think I will start to incorporate brown eyeliner into my daily makeup regimen. 

Dear MOM and Roro. I miss you so much. Come visit soon.

Dear blog world. I am going to say bye now!



  1. I am equally as happy that it is Friday!! ;-) Enjoy your weekend! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog :-)


  2. Teach me your make up ways! I never wear make up - and I'm completely lost when handed make up... seriously, what do I do with that?

  3. Oh, I love experimenting with make-up! You should take pictures, girl! I want to see how the brown eyeliner turned out!! :)
    xo TJ


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