Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK: Freaks and Geeks

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK

+ That I have been watching Freaks and Geeks NON-STOP for the past few days. I have never seen the show before and Colon recommended it. 

+ That I am loving this nail polish by Sinful Colors.

Found this picture via Google
+ That I will click "next" whenever I come across a blog that immediately starts playing music when I open it. SO annoying.

+ That I think that Sam from Freaks and Geeks is the cutest thing. He is just so awkward and funny! His laugh always makes me smile AND his facial expressions are hilarious!

By the way, do you know who he is? Do you watch Bones? 

He's Dr. Lance Sweets!

+ That I FINALLY turned in the paperwork for my passport. I have been waiting a year to get it. FINALLY! I cannot wait to receive it!

+ That I tried out the yellow eye shadow twice this week... and I loved it. I even tried out E.L.F.'s Makeup Lock & Seal. It helped make the yellow show up more pigmented! Check it out guys! 

+ That my bedroom STILL is not unpacked yet. We don't have furniture for the room so the boxes are still packed in there. I hate it!

+ That I am enjoying Arizona. I do not feel any regret over the move. It is different. BUT it's not bad at all!

+ That although I am loving Arizona, I am still REALLY missing Florida. I miss the GREEN!

+ That I have to moisturize every other hour (exaggeration). My skin is yelling and saying "Thank you!".

+ That I keep reading blogs and watching beauty vlogs which has caused me to run late with dinner tonight.

Gotta go and make dinner.

Love you all!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Give me some of that chocolate cake...

The last two days have been... long

I miss Colon during the days while he is at work and I am having trouble finding things to do (other than cleaning and tidying the house).

Job opportunities fell through the cracks and I am now searching. It's not my time to be an educated housewifegirlfriend just yet. I'm too young for that, right? SO... I am searching... searching for that uncertain thing. 
I just need something to dedicate my time to. A place to meet people.

Oh well... Being with the one I love is making me happy these days. He is amazing. He took me to lunch today and we got this:


What else have I been accomplishing these days? I have cooked dinner every night this week! Ok...fine... I DID burn Monday nights dinner but I was multitasking. But...whatever!

Love you guys tons!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Bye Bye weekend...hello first day of work (his not mine)

The weekend has come... and gone.

Colon has finally started work and I have been driving around (, missing Colon)and getting to know the city. As I sit here, I can see dark clouds approaching and it:

+ makes me happy because clouds usually indicate rain
+ makes me miss Florida more.

This weekend was a pretty good weekend. It was my first "settled in" weekend in Arizona. It started with a nice dinner to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

To. Die. For.

The Gyro was AMAZING and if you are ever in a city that has this restaurant, I recommend stopping by for a bite to eat.

We then  headed home to get ready for a night out with Colon's friend. Let's be honest. I was EXTREMELY nervous. Remember how I mentioned in this post how nervous I was about making friends in  Arizona. Well, it really kicked in that night. Not only was this a person that I did not know, this was Colon's friend. She was awesome and made me feel comfortable right away. It was a great night full of dancing and hanging out. Thus went my first night out in Arizona. It was a success!

There was another thing that made Friday night a success. In my last post, I mentioned that the rain was ruining our weekend plans. We were planning on going a hiking/ sight seeing road trip but decided to cancel because rain was in the forecast.

...and the forecast was accurate. It drizzled Friday night and I LOVED it!

I woke up on Saturday at 4 am to the sound of trickling rain. I heard it, smiled, and went back to bed. It was the best sound ever. When I woke up later, it was STILL raining. It basically rained ALL day. AMAZING. We spent the day being lazy. Colon played video games ALL DAY and I cleaned, watched makeup blogs, and played with my makeup. ::::obsessed...I know::::

Our lazy day ended with another night out in Scottsdale. This time, there were more people. I was still nervous, but yet again, the people were great. It was more of a low key environment and I was actually able to talk and get to know the people. Loved it!

I cannot figure out how to turn the picture

The weekend ended with a(nother) perfect lazy day. I finally received "Hiding in Sunshine" by John and Caitlin Stuart  from Influenster. I sat down and enjoyed the first few chapter. I promise to review it as soon as I finish! We also made a trip to Ulta and you know that I cannot leave that store without buying at least one thing. I ended up with:

+ Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
-I have been hearing so much about this concealer and after wearing it today, I agree with all of the reviews. It is freaking awesome.

+ Yellow Eye-shadow
- The yellow eyeshadow search has been haunting me for the past couple of months. I wanted a single eyeshadow and this color ALWAYS ended up in palettes. I finally found this eyeshadow at ULTA. I wore it today and it looks amazing! I tried taking 1000+ pictures and none of them showed the magnificence of this eye color. BOO!

+ NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie

...and all I can say is that this weekend was great. I will leave you with the following picture that I posted on Instagram. (@lechagar)

A scorpion that was crushed by my garage door. EWWW!


Friday, January 25, 2013

A letter for you...and you...and you!

Dear week. It's Friday. Thank you, Jesus. (Melissa Gorga, anybody?)

Dear Norton. You are the CUTEST thing. I love you to death.

Dear Babu. It is NOT weird that I call Norton my turtle child. You are his dad and I am his mom. Get it straight!

Dear blog world. I love you and hope you are not turned off by the randomness of this post.

Dear blog world. Again. Yes, "randomness" is a word. 

Dear Kirsten. Thank you for posting that picture of Apple Cider Vinegar and reminding me of it's goodness.

Dear Apple Cider Vinegar. You are amazing. I am feeling great today. I woke up without having heavy sleepy eyes. I feel refreshed and ready for the day. You are good for my skin, my hair, my body pH, and you are a great healthy source of energy. So, I decided to try you last night. My stomach does not feel as bloated. My throat has been hurting the last couple of days and guess what... It is all better today. Thank you, ACV. Thank you!

Dear makeup. Yesterday, I mentioned that I have not worn you in over a week. I know you were lonely and questioning whether I loved you. Don't worry. I could never stop loving you.
I broke that streak today. I was feeling great and had the urge to put myself together. The week without you gave me time to moisturize my skin and repair the damage that the lack of humidity did to my skin. My skin is finally feeling good and I am not too worried about you drying out my skin.

Dear Norton. You had us worried for a little while. You only stayed on one side of the tank and we did not know why. Thank you for swimming around and playing on the other side of the tank today. Love you!

Dear Arizona. You thought you had me. BUT I was able to counteract your lack of humidity. HA. I win!

Dear Parenthood. Why do you ALWAYS make me cry.

Dear Colon. I am going to miss you during the day when you start work next week.

Dear Arizona. Get. It. Together. I thought it never rained here. Why are you making the planning of our road trip/ hiking plans so difficult?

Dear Makeup. I tried something different today and I love it! I am all about using different colors but I usually default to a black kohl liner for my water line. I have a ton of brown eyeliners, but never use them. Today was the first day I used them and I actually love it! So, I think I will start to incorporate brown eyeliner into my daily makeup regimen. 

Dear MOM and Roro. I miss you so much. Come visit soon.

Dear blog world. I am going to say bye now!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's OK... Arizona style!

It's Thursday people.
 One more day until the weekend.
 Get excited! 

Colon and I are planning a weekend trip but we are undecided on where we should head to. How awesome is it that we have thousands of places to discover during the weekends. We shall never be bored again... 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

+ That I am still mourning the loss of my Florida license. When they punched a hole in the license they ended up piercing a hole in my heart. I love you Florida!

+ That I constantly go onto any makeup shopping site, start a cart, realize that I cannot spend money, and immediately delete the shopping cart. This usually happens on: E.L.F, Ulta. basically any makeup site. Am I the only one? 

+ That I have no idea what Trader Joe's is. But I have seen it mentioned on multiple friend's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for the past few days. Clue me in, people!

+ That I am leaping for joy because of the rainy weather that has rolled in to Phoenix today. I was excited when I saw the clouds last night and then... I woke up and heard trickling outside. Oh, how amazing!

+ That it has been more than a week since I wore makeup. I actually have not put anything on since I left Gainesville. What is happening?????

+ That I have also been hearing about the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and am curious. So.... I am going to start watching it!

+ That I started "unsubscribing" from certain blogs after trying to catch up on my blog reading. No offense to anyone, but if I constantly find myself "nexting" your posts then there is no point in keeping you on my feed. 

+ That I will NEVER go back to waxing my eyebrows. It has been a year since I transitioned to threading and I love it. I found a new place today and they did a pretty good job!

+ That the eyebrow threaders ALWAYS ask me if I would like to have my lip hairs threaded also. Thank you for noticing my mustache! 

+ That Colon says that my eyebrows look worse than usual. Thank you, baby. You make me feel so special :)
My eyebrows have a different growth pattern at certain points and it is hard to make them even. this was what he was referring to. 

+ That Colon drives me crazy. BUT he has been such an amazing boyfriend lately. (Not that he has not been one for the whole time that we have been dating...he has just been especially loving these last few weeks). Showing me so much love!

...and It is NOT OK that Cox has been such a let down. we have had SO many problems with them in Florida and we ALWAYS give them a chance. BUT they CONSTANTLY go back on their word and their customer service is horrible. So, we are at our last strand and we are ready to look for a different internet/ cable company. Any ideas?

I am heading out! 

Love you all!


PS... if any readers are Cox employees, I am not directing my comments at you. Our feelings are based on our experiences with Cox. Sorry if I offended anyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am an Arizonian now...

Today has been an interesting day. Unpacking and running errands have been the routine of the past few days. Today was more emotional though. 

It started off a little bit differently from the first few Arizona days. I woke up before Colon. Shocker. In Florida, this was common. But lately I have been extremely tired. Maybe it is the time change. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is all of the stress from the unpacking and change in lifestyle. So, yeah. I woke up first and managed to get a few things done before he woke. 

Once he woke, we started our day. We had lunch at a Thai place that Colon has been raving about. I was skeptical but my first bite blew the skepticism out of the water. 

We then headed to Wells Fargo. Guess what we did... Something that I never imagined we would do until we got married. 

We opened a joint account. Such an adult move. Something that married couples do. This is a HUGE step for us as a couple. It says, "We are in this for the long haul". It's a big step that I do not regret. 

We then headed to the Motor Vehicle Division. Yup. You guessed it. We waited an hour and a half to receive our Arizona license. That will not expire until 2040. (Gasp!!!) Crazy. I am no longer a Floridian. I would have cried but I had to save face in front of Colon.

I miss Florida. I love it here...but I miss Florida. 

Especially after talking to my best friend. 

Now to go eat some Pistachio ice cream (my FAVORITE) and rest for the night! This has become my nightly routine.

Love you all!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catching up...No thanks to Cox

Hey everybody,

Do you remember me? It has been a long while since I posted something substantial. I FINALLY have internet and have started to read through all of the ~500 blog posts on my blog feed. It's definitely been fun.

The last few days have been exhausting. The unpacking and organizing leave Colon and I pooped at the end of the day. We crossed the border into Arizona on Thursday. The drive, although long, was absolutely beautiful. Who knew that desert could be so appealing? And it was amazing to drive along the border and see portions of Mexico as we were driving through West Texas.

The unpacking started right away and it still is not completed. the last few days have been filled with:

+ trips to the grocery store

+ trips to Ikea

+ trips to Wal-Mart

+trips to Best Buy

+trips to Fry's

+ lots and lots of eating

+tons of moisturizer.

My body is NOT liking the lack of humidity. My skin is so effing dry. It is unbearable. I itch and my eyes are constantly asking to be rubbed. I moisturize my face more than twice a day and I have hand moisturizer in my purse. My throat has been hurting ever since we hit West Texas. I am going to assume that it is due to the dry weather because I feel immediate relief when I drink water.

NOTE TO SELF: Carry water in purse at ALL times!

Colon's parents ended up leaving on Sunday night. BUT we were able to sneak in a hiking trip before they left. It was my first hiking trip in Arizona and it was gorgeous. the only thing that sucked was that we did not bring water. We intended to bring water, but we forgot. I regretted that half way through the hiking.

Having Colon's parents with us was amazing. These past few days have allowed me to establish a relationship with his mother. She is an amazing woman and I am so lucky to have her as a prospective mother in law.

... and with that, I am going to leave you with pictures from the past few days. The time change has not caught up to me and I am still on East Coast time!

Colon ate his FIRST Twix EVER

Driving though Texas

They were putting these towers throughout I-10 in West Texas


Riding into Paradise!

Holding hands. Still in love after more than 5 and a half years!

Norton. He was a trooper throughout the drive!

Sign found at Rudy's in Arizona

Great lunch at an Ecuadorian restaurant!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Lack of...

I am going through  withdrawals. No internet for a week is killing me. No blogs have been read in over 4 days. No blog posts to appear in that same amount of time.

I miss you all. Cox needs to get their ish together!

XO Lourdes

Ps... If there are alternative companies for internet and cable, then stay away from Cox.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's dark outside and we are STILL in Texas. This state is freaking HUGE. So many different landscapes and so beautiful. I am enjoying driving through this state! I give all of you Texans props for living in such a beautiful state. 

I still miss Florida, though. Nothing will replace Florida as my home. This was clear to me when we made the five hour (more like 6 because we were also hauling my car) drive from GainesvIlle to Pensacola on Sunday. Remember how I said we started the drive around 4PM? Remember how I said that I was frustrated? Well, that went away when we arrived in Pensacola. We were late but I was home wth my madre. She had to sleep early that night but she had all my favorite dishes prepared for us. She even made an effort to wake up and meet Colon's parents. It was great.

I had been nervous about the moment when the parents would meet. It was important to me for everyone to like each other. I have seen instances where

a) in-laws do not like significant others, or

b) in-laws do not like each other

and it causes so much strain on a relationship. So, it was SUCH a big deal for them to like each other. And it seems like it was a success. They obviously aren't best friends but they made conversation. My mom even said that she liked them. My mom never says that unless she means it. So, SCORE!

We were able to spend Monday in Pensacola. My mother stil had to work but Colon, his parents, and I filled our time with shopping. We had a couple of things to pick up for the trip (like a neck pillow). Once my mother was off she insisted that she cook and invite aunts and uncles for dinner. God forbid we go out to eat. She insisted that I take Colon and his family around Pensacola.

Where did I take them? To Pensacola beach, of course. We walked and took pictures. Dipped our toes in the water and quickly regretted it. It was nice and peaceful.

Once we were exhausted and starving, we headed home. Family members had arrived and dinner commenced. The food... oh, how yummy it was. My mom made ribs and pansit (a Filippino noodle dish) and by ding it she made it harder for me to accept that I was moving farther away.

The atmosphere was great. It was so hard to say bye to my ants and uncles. I missed my cousins already. It was freakin hard. That was how Monday ended. Saying goodbye to my family.

It was hard for me to sleep that night.

...and when I woke on Tuesday it felt like I had just gone to bed. My mom was at work and we had to get ready to head out. The car was ready and packed all too quickly.

It was time to say goodbye to my aunt (she lives with my mom). This should have been easy. But she started crying. Then I started crying. (Yes the ugly crying face was brought out for the world to see). And that was that. We made our way out of Pensacola...out of Florida. Goodbye.

Sleep. Wake up. Talk nonsense. Bother Colon. The pattern of the drive.

Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. The states we passed through. I-10 was our companion.

Steak and shake was our sustenance. Oh, and so was lots and lots of soda.

Texas has enslaved our time since Tuesday (yesterday). We ended up stopping our drive in Houston. We were exhausted and stressed. Colon and I even got into a spat where:

+ I called him rude and
+ He called me selfish.

You see... our relationship isn't perfect! :-) We let the stress get to us. But that's ok because we woke and had a much better day today. But you will hear about that in my next post. I need to bother Colon now.

Adios friends!

XO Lourdes

NOTE...I am still typing on my phone! So please don't make fun of spelling errors!


1. My last glimpse of Pensacola beach in a long time
2. Entering a new state.
3. Norton wanting out!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Are we on schedule yet?

Hey world.

I finally found time within this 20 something hour drive from Florida to Arizona to write you. Before I start let me warn you of a few things:

A) I am typing this on my phone. So, there may be a thousand and one typos.

B) I am currently in an unknown city of Louisiana. I am so close to the Texas border. So close. Yet so far away!

C) I may fall asleep while typing this. For some reason, random bouts of sleepiness plague me while I sit in this passenger seat doing nothing.

Now that you have been properly warned, I want to catch you up on the happenings in my life. The last time I posted (Sunday), I was on my way out of Gainesville.

The last few days have been a blur. Thursday was amazing. We had a farewell dinner and it made me feel so special. There was laughter and love throughout the whole dinner. They bought me a surprise birthday cake (shhhh...don't tell. It wasn't my birthday).  I even almost broke out in an ugly crying face. You know what I am talking about. Everyone has one of those faces.

Anyways. That night was amazing. It made the next day of work hard to endure. Just knowing that I would have to say bye was tough. I took my last tour that day. I answered my last GP phone that day. Sad.

I ended the work day with Colon picking me up. He's such a sweet boy. He arrived carrying a large orchid. Beautiful! Which transitioned into our last night out with friends. We went to a cigar bar and sipped on a glass of wine.

We should have spent the night packing. I regretted that decision on Saturday. We packed ALL day on Saturday. Colon planned on going out that night. Which I knew was a naive notion because I sure as heel wasn' going to continue packing while he was partying. But whatever. He ended up staying home packing.

Colon's parents were supposed to fly into Gainesville but they ended up missing their flight. They had to take a bus from Miami to Orlando. This required Colon to drive to Orlando and back on Sunday.

Let's be honest. I already had made it clear to Colon that I wanted to leave Gainesville early so that we can spend as much time as possible in Pensacola with my mom. So, upset does not cover my emotions when i heard that they missed their flight. I was not upset with them. I was upset with the situation. Colon knew this and decided that we would stay in Pensacola an extra night. SCORE!

So here comes Sunday morning. We still had a bunch of things to pack and Colon had to head out to pick up his parents. We ended up leaving Gainesville at... 4 PM. Our plans went from leaving at 9 AM to 4 PM. Think about that. Can you imagine how frustrated I was? Me...Mrs. On-Time.

The road trip was typical. Colon drove and I... Read. Slept. Blabbed on and on. Got my thinking on. So much was on my mind. I was/ am really missing Gainesville. The familiar. The comfortable. The Gators.

And with that I am going to go. The post is getting long and Colon keeps trying to talk to me. I will continue soon with the Pensacola part of the trip. You know...the part where we see my mom AND the parents met for the first time!

Love you all.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bye bye Gainesville... Hello...

I thought it would be fun to post my last Arizona journal entry today since we have started the first leg of our journey to Arizona. We have packed our belongings and turned in our apartment keys. Our first stop will be in Pensacola to visit my mom.

If you are new to this here blog and/or have not been following along for the past couple of months, then you probably do not know that I am moving to Arizona. A huge change that I have been dealing with for a while.

When Colon first mentioned moving, I wrote this post. It took me a while to write it. A month to be exact. When he first mentioned the possibility of moving out of Florida, I did not react well. I started crying and was strongly opposed to it. I was embarrassed by my response, so I did not write a post. When I finally typed that post, I was more open to the idea. You can see my struggles in it and after rereading the post I realize that it sounds as if I am trying to convince myself that everything will be all right.

The questions and uncertainty did not go away. You can see my emotional journey in these posts under the "On our way to Arizona" labels.

I finally announced the move to Arizona in this post. By the time I wrote that post, I was optimistic about the move. But, I came to this point after so much emotional turmoil. you can read the journal entries here, here, and here.  Today I am posting the last of those entries. I hope you enjoy!


November 11, 2012

It's been awhile since I have written an entry about my upcoming move to Arizona. I have already written so much about being nervous and anxious and I would love to say that it has gone away. BUT it hasn't. It's just excitement is slowly overcoming the anxiety. Especially since we will be travelling to Arizona in exactly a month to look at houses and apartments. Think about that. We will know where we will be living...IN A freaking MONTH!!!!

So, I have been making lists and planning aspects of the move. I have also been reading up on different things to do in Arizona. Everything I have been hearing and reading about has sounded...ADVENTUROUS. I cannot wait!

What else have I been doing? Looking for Arizona bloggers. People to follow. People to make friends with. Maybe...

Yup. I will definitely need to make friends. I hope I meet people when I go out there. I hope my "loner tendencies" will not stop me from making friends.

I hope. I wish. I pray.


Short and sweet. I am still nervous about meeting people. How do adults make friends anyways?


PS. This post was written days in advance! I will update you on the trip as soon as things settle down!

PPS.... Wish us luck on this trip. We will be driving ALOT

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear world...

Today is the day. The day that I said farewell to my coworkers. Farewell to Gainesville Place. I have had a two year relationship with this property and it is so hard for me to say goodbye. I have met wonderful people and have made amazing friends. Even if I have been waiting for this day for a long time, I am having such a difficult time leaving. 

The best thing I can think of doing is writing a couple of letters to those that I love!

Dear GP I hate saying goodbye. The experience that you have given me is priceless and is truly appreciated.  You are not just a property. You have been a home to me for the last two years. You have introduced me to the best people!

Dear GP team. I have had such a great time  working with you and have truly fallen in love. We have been through a lot and I want you to know that you will forever be in my hearts.

Dear Kirsten I cried today. I already miss you! Love you tons and I am praying for you! I know you are going through a hard time!

Dear Colon. You FINALLY got in town. We have so much to do and just having you here relieves the stress from level 100 to level 5. I missed you alot.

Dear belongings. Pack yourself. Please and thank you!

Dear farewell dinner. I had so much fun with the GP team last night. Seeing everyone reminded me of why I love my job. I had so much fun. The only thing that could have been fixed is the move that we had to make from Friday's to Outback Steakhouse.

Dear Colon. Thank you so much for the orchids today. They made me feel so special. You know what I like and I love you for being such a sweet boyfriend.

Dear Friday's employee. Get your shit together. When we made the reservation, we specifically told you that we had a party of 16 and we wanted to sit at the SAME table. It is unacceptable that you tried to seat us at 2 separate tables because of fire codes. You were wrong and your manager even confirmed that you were wrong. You lost a LOT of tips yesterday.

Dear Outback. You are awesome. You were able to accommodate a party of 16 in less than 30 minutes. It was busy and I commend you for it.

Dear blogworld. I will try to post here and there during our trip.

Love you all!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's OK...

One day down... one more to go. Tomorrow is my last day of work. The last obstacle before we head out to Arizona. I am about to leave for a dinner with my coworkers. The last hoorah! I'll just leave you with this...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK

+ that it drives me crazy when people write the following (usually on Facebook):

"he seen him do it".

Drives me insane and I secretly judge you if you do it!

+ that I have never seen The Bachelor. Never seen it and not really interested.

+ that I am seriously considering driving to Pensacola earlier than planned. I will have everything packed and Colon and his parents can load the stuff. Why not spend more time with my mommy? Colon can just meet me in Pensacola.

+ that priming my living room wall made me extremely sad. This apartment won't be "my apartment" in a few days.

+ that I have gotten everything ready for Norton. He has his own little tub for the road trip to Arizona! I absolutely love my turtle.

+ that I am frustrated that Colon is not here. At least he's coming back today, I guess. Or is it tomorrow? Who knows anymore.

...and I have to stop since it's about time for me to head out to dinner.

Much love!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a little bit sappy!

Hello Hello everybody. 

I am feeling TEN TIMES better. I guess the lazy-Monday helped me to get better. At least I am feeling well enough to finish off my second glass of wine for the night. I have so many bottles of wine that i need to finish before we move. So I have been guzzling chugging sipping on a couple (couple = 2) glasses of wine every night. 

The last two days of work have flown by and I do not know how to feel about it. I am so relieved that I am almost done. YET I am going to miss my coworkers so much. Yesterday was just another day. My work replacement has been doing everything while I watch and make sure everything is being done properly. She is doing great. 

Today was spent the same way. The only difference was that all of the office managers went to lunch. All five of us. We have been a tight group and knowing that this was going to be one of the last lunches with them was hard for me to accept. Sitting there opened my eyes to how much I loved them. They have stolen my heart and have become my friends. 

I had to say goodbye to one of my coworkers after lunch. This was so hard for me. She is the newest to the manager group and she was able to borough deeply into my heart.

Once she left, the three original managers had lunch. The conversation flowed easily and anyone listening would have realized that we were more than coworkers. We have built a bond that I have no intention of losing. no matter what. I will make an effort. All throughout lunch, I could not stop thinking about these two and how much they mean to me. Ans this made it harder to say bye to one of them today. She had a family emergency and had to make an unexpected trip today. I am sad that I had to say goodbye to her earlier than expected. She is one of my best friends. Always there for me. She understood me. She accepted me. Quirks and all. I had to say goodbye and she does not know this but I cried when she left. I am going to miss her so much. 

If you are reading this. I truly do love you!

...and here I am. Sitting in bed. Drinking a glass or two. or three of wine. Alone. I wish Colon was here. He should be here. There is too much to pack for one person. I understand why he is not here... but he SHOULD be here

but enough with the sappy. There is so much to be excited about. With all the goodbyes comes a new life in Arizona. I have been waiting for this for a LONG time and it is FINALLY coming in less than 5 days. 

So excited for the drive. ESPECIALLY for the stop in Pensacola to see my mom!

PLUS... My bestest friend gave me an awesome house gift! Check it out...

YES! Awesome!

And with that. I am off.

love you all!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Just another Monday

What can I say?

It's Monday. I WISH I could say "Today was wonderful". 

It was not.

 I had trouble falling asleep (again) and ended up waking up with a fever and my stomach forcing last nights dinner back up. Not a good day. I called out sick from work (which sucks because today was going to be my last Monday as Rental Manager at the complex.) and laid in bed all day. In and out of sleep. 

I JUST started to feel better so I am going to get up and try to do a little bit of packing before the ENTIRE day becomes a waste.

Uhhh... I HATE being sick when I have so much to do and so much to think about!

I hope everyone else's Monday has been better than mine. 


PS I just looked at myself in the mirror and died almost died!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My weekend so far...

... has been filled with wine, my sister, and boxes. 

I started off a bottle last night while waiting for my sister to come into town. It was a perfect night with the bloggy world. I posted and as I was finishing my post, my sister knocked on my front door. It was such a relief to see her. I have been missing my family terribly and it helped to have her here to fill the void. It is definitely hard to go from a house full of people to an empty apartment. 

I ended up taking my sister out to dinner. She has been stressing out about finances lately (like every other college student) and I wanted to cover her dinner and remind her that I will ALWAYS be there for her. I also wanted to talk to her and let her know that everything will be OK. Everything will work itself out in the end. I just wanted to remind her that she is not in a position to really stress out about those things. She just won't live such a cozy life anymore. She won't be able to go out to eat all the time and go shopping whenever she would like. 

 It kills me to see her stressing out over things like that. She definitely does not deserve this stress and I wish I could take it away from her. But I can't. 

All I can do is stand by her and encourage her. 

Anyways, we had sushi and it was amazing. We had such a great dinner and talked a lot. I got to know her better and our conversations throughout dinner reminded me that she is growing up and becoming a responsible young women. My mom did such a great job with my sister. She should be so proud and she deserves all the credit. 

My sisters and I have become closer in the last few years. I relish this turn in events and it gives my heart peace to know that my sisters have become my best friends. We still have a lot to work on, but last night showed me that it is possible for us to grow in our relationship. We stayed up late and talked. She was able to talk about really personal things going on in her life and I was able to do the same. It was extremely late by the time we parted for bed. 

1. Red Dragon roll!
2. Depressing. My closet after I packed my clothes

That is why we did not wake until 10:30 this morning. I definitely needed this. My sister ended up leaving right after lunch which left me at a loss as to what I should do. I was feeling lonely but did not necessarily want to hang out with anyone. I can feel myself retreating from the world and it has been happening ever since I came back from New Years break in Pensacola. That was when I got the urge to pack. 

I started with my closet. I went through my clothes and ended up with two boxes to give away to Goodwill. I then ended up filling three LARGE boxes with my clothes. Colon's clothes only took one and a half boxes. My dresser drawers are completely empty and my closet feels extremely empty. It is depressing to see it. 

...and now I have ran out of words and tape. So, I cannot continue to blog and cannot assemble boxes to continue packing. All I can do is finish this bottle of wine and read a good book. Perfect end to a busy day!

I am going to say farewell. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!