Monday, December 17, 2012

What?!? Its raining?? No way...

Hey ya'll. I'm checking in from AZ and I am in love. Please excuse any typos and funky formatting as I am posting from my teny tiny phone.
The past few days have been amazing and I cannot wait to officially moeve here. I am convinced about the move and cannot wait to move in to our new house! (This is a far cry from my sentiments from a month ago... I know!)
There is so much to do...
Yup. Shopping galore. And THE FOOD. I wonder why I havenot seen more fat Arizon-ians. I could get used to this place!
The last time I posted, we were on our way to Orlando to get ourselves settled for the night. we had to wake up at 4 to catch the airport shuttle. We woke up excited. Yet we were exhausted. Colon had spent the week working and probably got a total of 10 hours of sleep that week. He appreciated the early rise, I'm sure!
The flights were easy. Colon slept and I constantly woke him up. He was not amused! Actually, he was annoyed and upset with me!
We arrived in AZ around noon and picked up our rental car. If you follow me on Instagram (@lechagar), then you know that Colon went all out! He got a convertible Camaro SS. He was cheesing from the time we picked it up to the time we arrived at his friends house.
It was freaking cold and RAINING for the first few days. Apparently this is not normal. Funny how it rains when I visit!
We decided to stay with Colon's friend. Thanks for letting us stay with you Victor. Once we dropped everything off, it was time to meet with he realtor. So many houses to look at and we had two houses in mind by the end of the day.
Side note: if you are a home owner and are trying to rent out your house, it is in your best interest to keep the house in great condition. If I walk into the house and there is still dog food scattered across the floor, and the counters have sticky things on it, then I will walk out and not think twice about the house!
Anyways, ended up going to a restaurant named "Grimaldi's" and it was amazing. Great Greek food and the best Gyro I have ever had.
Saturday was spent looking at houses and spending time with the realtor. Remember the two favorites I mentioned above? Well, themore affordable choice (aka our 2nd choice) ended up bing rented. we then found out that our first choice's landlord decided to drop the rent by $100. It was fate! We drew up a cover letter and filled out an application. 
The rest of the day was spent full of anxiety (We wanted that house! ) and it was topped of by a holiday potluck that Colon's Intel friend hosted. It was at this potluck that we found out that we got the house. Wine was out "we got the house" present.
Our first stop on Sunday was an Ecuadorian restaurant called "Mi Comida" where I had a foodgasm and probably freaked out Colon's friend with the amountof food I ate. Colon then took me to Fashion Square in Scottsdale. It is the biggest shopping center that I have ever seen. Colon and I ill be broke before we make it into February. (Aka we will only make it 2 weeks before we run out of money bc of shopping!)
I just reread this post and it is ridiculously long! Sooo, I am going to head out. Just know that I am so excited about the move and we have been furniture shopping (browsing) today. This was a successful trip and I cannot wait for this transition!
We leave tomorrow, so I will be posting the minimal amount of pictures that I took in the next few days.
Love you all!

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  1. YAY! So glad that everything worked out for you. Can't wait to see more pictures!


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