Friday, December 7, 2012

Wanted: Pimple Zapper

Can I get a


This has been the longest freaking week EVER. I have been stressed out which has resulted in nightmares, lack of sleep, and a feeling of dread whenever I wake up for work. Under-eye concealer has definitely been my best friend. 

This month will be my last full month for rent collection and it has been so tough. I want to leave with a bang and I wanted it to be easy. But it's not which is only making it harder for me to accept. Last week actually flew by. That is why I was surprised when this week crept by at a snails pace. I should have known thought. all the signs pointed to it. 

It's Colons last week attending classes at UF. He has been extremely busy with grading and studying. He has been pulling all-nighters and I have been left to fend for myself. 

Other than my excitement for it being Friday, I have a lot of random things on my brain. Like...

+ Remember how I mentioned that Colon has been pulling all-nighters? Well I came home from work for lunch at 1pm today and was expecting him to be on campus. Nope. I found him in bed. Turns out he never woke up. I was jealous of him for a little while. How I wish I could have been the one to sleep until 1. 

+ Picture this. I woke up this morning and my face was clear of any blemishes. I come home from lunch, look in the mirror, and what do I see? A freaking pimple. And it's growing a mile a minute. Ewww!

+ One of my coworkers introduced me to the Aerial club here at UF. I didn't think anything of it until I saw videos of her performing. Then, she invited me to the Aerial showcase. It was absolutely amazing. Here is a video. I promise that she will blow you away!

+ I am still obsessed with makeup. It's bad! I keep stalking my mailbox in hopes that my order has arrived. 

+ I have also been stalking the mailbox for all of the Christmas gifts I bought people! I love getting packages!

+ I have to start making a list of houses to look at in Arizona. We leave next week to house hunt. I am so excited!

Have a nice Friday night!


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