Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wait... more driving tomorrow?!?

Happy 2-days-after Christmas everybody! I am back safely in Gainesville and have completed a full days work. It was the hardest thing for me to get up this morning. I just had an amazing time with the family these last few days AND there is no feeling like being at home. It just felt good!

I mentioned this the other day, but I have to say it again. Christmas was wonderful. My sister and I woke to my mom singing Christmas songs. This sounds super cute but it was extremely annoying at the time. (she does this all the time when she knows we are TIRED!)

Once we were awake, we started the gift opening. I noticed that this was the first year that I was more excited to watch everyone else open gifts. I honestly would have been fine if I did not receive anything. I was so excited to see everyone's face when they opened gifts! It's kind of embarrassing that it is the FIRST year that I felt like this. How selfish can I be?

I got amazing gifts this year. What did I get? 

+ Target gift card from my madre. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Target and I was so happy to unwrap this gift. I will probably hit the E.L.F aisle and splurge!

+ ULTA gift card...again from my mom. She is amazing and knows exactly what I like!

+ An amazing pampering set (nothing to do with diapers)... from my mom AGAIN!

+ A pair of amazing earrings. Can you guess who from?

+ A poncho from my aunt. 

+ 3 pairs of colored tights from my sister.

+ time spent with my sisters, mother, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Best Gift Ever

1. My cousin Romeo and I
2. My sister Alicia and cousin Roselle
3. "Soon wedding bells are in a family member's future" -My sister's fortune cookie fortune
4. "Your hard work is about to pay off" - My fortune!

I had an amazing time. There were just three things missing...

Norton, Colon and my sister Christina. Colon spent Christmas with his family and Christina spent Christmas with my dad. Norton spent time in Gainesville chasing feeder fish and shrimp. I love my turtle!

How did I end up back in Gainesville? I drove, of course! AND what did I happen upon when I got into Gainesville? My first Influenster VoxBox!

I'll be posting about the contents soon! I am so EXCITED!

AND my awesome cousin agreed to come with me. She is a fellow make-up lover and is just as obsessed with makeup as I am. She drove with me and talked with me about the randomest things. We have giggled and laughed. We have gone make-up shopping and bonded. 

Now, I have to go to bed so I can wake up early for work. Just. Great. 

The good thing about work is that my reward for completing to work day is the drive back to Pensacola where I will be able to see my mom and Christina. More family time while bringing in the new year! YEAH BABY!

With the new year comes the move to Arizona. Colon has been researching moving options and has been stressing out over the plans. I have been stressing but am so excited. Now to go to sleep and dream about family time!

I hope everyone is having fun while waiting to bring in the new year!

AND I am sorry for the random thoughts in this post!


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