Friday, December 28, 2012

Needed: More energy?!?

I arrived safe and sound. Surprisingly, the trip was smooth and quick. We made great timing and it didn't feel like it took forever. My cousin is amazing and kept up the conversation.

 This trip has made me miss the days when we were younger. We were all close. You see, her father is my mother's brother. At one time, we lived next door to each other and the cousins would always hang out. Now, we have all gone our separate ways and I relish the moments when we all get back together. 

Anyways, I am excited to post about my Influenster Holiday Voxbox. I was extremely excited when I received the email stating that I should expect the Holiday Voxbox in the mail soon. I stalked the mailbox like a crazy person and was quite upset when I realized that I would be leaving for the holidays without receiving my box. It was on my mind the whole time I was in Pensacola for Christmas. That is why, I begged my cousin to allow me to check the mail right when we arrived in Gainesville on Tuesday night. 

She knew I had received my box when I ran to the car. I was smiling from ear to ear and eager to get to my apartment to check the contents of my box. I got some pretty cool stuff and am SO excited to try everything out. I promise I will post about everything once I try them. 

I thought it was a great idea to try out the EBOOST Natural Energy Dietary Supplement during the long drive from Gainesville to Pensacola. My thoughts?

+ Before trying it: I had never heard of it before and was intrigued. I was a little bit skeptical. 

+ LOVED the package. The color of the packet was bright.

+  I loved that the initial color of the powder was yellow. As I poured cold water into my Tervis, I realized that the powder turned pink/ orange. I thought that was super cool. I have no idea if this was done to mimic the "Pink Lemonade" color since the EBOOST flavor that I received was "Pink Lemonade". BUT I liked it. 

+ The powder did not dissolve right away and it took me a while to stir everything in. 

+ My first thoughts about the taste: It tasted chalky at first. The "pink Lemonade" flavor came up as an aftertaste. 

+ I almost stopped drinking it after the first sip. But I persisted. The taste grew on me and I actually finished the whole drink. After a few sips, the chalkiness went away and I could taste the "Pink Lemonade" flavor. 

+ It still kind of tasted like those old Flintstone vitamins that I used to eat as a kid. 

+ I was awake and perked up throughout the whole trip. I never felt like I was hopped up on sugar. It was a natural high and I did not end up crashing at the end of the day. This was a plus. I do not know if I could attribute this to a good nights sleep or to this drink BUT I can honestly say that I usually feel sleepy half way through the Gainesville- Pensacola drive. I would like to attribute this to the EBOOST drink. 

+ All in all, I would definitely consider buying this product and would recommend it!

Have you tried EBOOST? What do you think about it?


PS... I am so happy to be home with the family!

PPS... I received these products complimentary for testing purposed from Influenster. 

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