Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just one more day

Just popping in to say hi folks. I am taking a few minutes from packing for my trip (we leave tomorrow) to wish you a happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been as good as mine. I also hope it was so much more eventful than mine. It seemed as if today c-r-e-e-p-e-d by. 

 But that's ok because I am in the middle of trying to decide what clothes to bring and I am so confused. You see, I am the classic over packer. You say the trip is for a day and I will pack for 5 days. A girl needs options!

...and with that I am going to participate in today's The One Minute Writer challenge. I have not done it in a while but today's topic was interesting. My answers will be in bold:

If the person ahead of you in the checkout line runs short of money, 
would you offer to help pay for them?

I would like to think that I would. 
It has not happened to me before, 
but I wouldn't mind helping someone 
out if I have the funds
 AND the amount is not too crazy. 

Does it matter what the person in need is buying? 
Canned vegetables? Cigarettes? Baby food?

Yes it DOES matter. 
I will not fund someone's smoking addiction 
and I will not pay for some strangers boozing for the night.
 But, if it's food or something that is needed
 (like baby essentials) I would not mind
 lending some money.  

Does it matter what the person looks or acts like?

Again, yes. This may sound superficial but if 
the person has expensive jewelry, clothing or is carrying
 around expensive electronics I will think twice. 
They should have used the money 
on their necessities instead of luxuries. 


Now I have to go back to packing. Sounds like fun, right?

I won't be able to sleep tonight because of the excitement  for the trip. Ahhh... I cannot wait.

Night ya'll!


PS.... I am linking up with Savannah at Rolled Up Pretty  for Whatever Whenever Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed!

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