Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cigars and wine...

Why does the weekend fly by? 

It's so annoying and I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Especially since Colon and I will be heading out to Arizona to check out houses this week. How exciting is that? The excitement is going to motivate me throughout the week. I am pretty sure that I will be thinking "After  do this I will be that much closer to the trip". I just have to get though work...

This weekend was pretty productive, though. I cleaned and did so many loads of laundry. I cleaned Norton's tank and rearranged the basking rocks and floating pads that he has. I also booked the hotel for the trip and finalized the list of houses that we are going to visit. 

:::: I must get through the next few days of work ::::

I am pretty sure that Colon is saying the same thing. He is STILL pulling all-nighters and is working so much. Poor thing. 

He did manage to get away from studying last night, though. Last night was the holiday party for the company I work for. The party started at 7 but my property decided that we would meet at 6:30 to take pictures together. So, I decided to start getting ready around 5:15. At around 5:45, I started to harass Colon about getting ready. He never takes up too much time so that should have been enough time to get ready. He did not start getting ready until 6:15 and he was dragging his feet the whole time. I was so upset. This event meant a lot to me and I felt as if he was not taking it seriously. I will admit that I was cursing him in my head. We missed the pictures. I'm not someone to hold a grudge, so by the time we arrived at the party I was not upset and we had a great time. Sadly, I did not take pictures last night. But i can assure you we had a great time. 

After the party, we decided to go to Havana's Downtown Cigars. It was a cigar lounge and I fell in love right away. We went into the humidor and picked out the cigar for Colon to smoke. We then sat in the lounge and played a game of dominoes while I sipped a glass of a Merlot-Cabernet blend. It was great. So relaxing and I know Colon really needed it.

1. Dominoes and Wine with the love at the Cigar lounge
2. Me and Colon while he was making a funny face...I think it's the wine!
Concentrating really hard! I still won the game, though

And with that, we headed home. I passed out because I am an old lady and Colon went right back to work. Again, he stayed up all night and did not go to bed until 6 in the morning. He then woke up at 11 (because I woke him up) and started working. He is still working right now and has been muttering the following things today :

+These kids are just so stupid
+What the hell are these kids doing
+I'm trying to give these kids as many points as I can.

To which I respond: "Are the answers correct? No? Then they get ZERO points". I know. I'm mean! 

Anyways, I am going to head out. But before I go, I want to leave you with a picture of something I found at Publix.

Bubble gum flavored apples? What?


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  1. I have such a hard time getting IC out the door too. But it's different with IC because he'll just RUN to wherever he is going, where as I only run if I'm chanced. so he'd still be on time, he just doesn't factor in my "will not run" attitude. leaving the house is always a contentious issue.


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