Sunday, December 23, 2012

A little white lie...

Home sweet home.

It feels good to be back. My mom is doing great and my sister seems as if she is doing well. We have been shopping away getting ready for the gift giving that will be happening in a couple of days. I am so excited for that to happen. To see the looks on every ones face when they open their gifts. Gahhh... Cannot wait!

Remember how I wrote this post that went up on Friday? Well I kind of lied in it. But it wasn't intentional. I typed it up with the intention of leaving on Friday. But then car trouble made it's way into our lives and we ended up heading out yesterday (Saturday). But that's OK because I was falling asleep by 10 O'clock on Friday night. It would have been horrible if I was on I-10 at that time. 

The only draw back to leaving later was that Colon was grumpy because of the car trouble. He was testy, got annoyed easily, AND quite rude. But that is OK. I will let him use the excuse that he was stressed out.

In other news, I met my sisters boyfriend today. We went to lunch at Chili's and I got to grill him. That didn't really happen. I just asked a couple of questions and let the conversation flow. 

So, yeah. I met him and...

I actually approve. 

It's weird to think that my baby sister is dating somebody. 

I'm going to head out now. 

Hope everyone is enjoying these few days leading up to the holidays. Good luck wrapping presents and finding parking at the mall.


PS... I miss Colon a lot. 

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  1. Well at least you made it! And I'm glad you approve of the boyfriend hehe. My brother's finally dating a nice girl, I'm so glad his standards went up!


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