Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Day in the Life

...and today really wasn't so bad. I got soooo much done and I am surprised at how productive I have been.  

BUT I still had this weeks trip in the back of my mind. I am excited to go to Arizona and check out the the area in which we are going to live. I am so excited that I stayed up pretty late making a list of the different questions that I need to be asking our potential landlords about the houses we will be looking at. I have already put together a list of houses and am currently working on a spreadsheet to record all the information.

While I was doing that, Colon was STILL studying. I didn't go to bed until 12 or 1 in the morning and he was up. I ended up waking up at 5 (2 hours before my alarm).


 Saddest thing ever. 

That was when I realized that Colon was STILL studying and grading. He has been working so hard and I know he is also looking for the much needed vacation/ trip to Arizona. 

What did I do during my 2 hours of freedom before I had to start getting ready for work? Laid in bed. Watched Psych (ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SHOW). AND worked on my Arizona apartment question list. Can you tell that I am ready for the trip/ move?

Anyways... Yes, today was quite busy, BUT I decided to TRY and participate in the "A Day in the Life" photo challenge that I read about on Erin at Living in Yellow's. I wanted to take a picture every hour but it didn't happen. My life is boring and nothing important happened. BUT I did take a few pictures throughout  the day. Check them out!

1. Comfy bed. Laying and being lazy.
2. Watching Psych and the sun slowly lighting up the room.
3. Ironing my work shirt...
4. My daily routine. Lay out ALL of the products I am going to use in the order in which I am going to use them.
5. Norton!
6. Making coffee for the office!
1. Sex and the city during my lunch break
2. Tuna pasta for lunch. YUMMY!
3. My turtle measuring cups.
4. Colon STILL studying during my lunch break. He's working HARD!

Whether it is morning or afternoon, these pictures define my work day
1. Planner (AKA My life!)
3. My company during the day. A picture of Colon! So CUTE!

After work...
1. Blogging! Love you guys!
2. My blogging companion and one of my favorite sights!
3. Another blogging companion. Love Home Alone!
4. Starting to wrap Christmas presents. If only my shipments will come in.
 Fun, right? I wish I would have taken more pictures! Anyways, I hope everyone has had an amazing day! Much love!



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