Saturday, December 29, 2012

A hit and a miss...

Another amazing day has been spent with the sister and cousin! It feels great to spend time with them. I always find myself laughing hysterically with them. They share my makeup obsession which is quite awesome. 

They ALSO were quite interested in my Holiday VoxBox that I received from Influenster. Today, I tried out the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine and the Kiss Nail Dress. 

I ABSOLUTELY loved the Lipshine! I got "Nude  York City" and fell in love. I was definitely skeptical at first and was prepared to try the gloss only once. I absolutely HATED lipgloss because I had not found a gloss that was not sticky and goopy.

I can honestly say that I LOVE this gloss. Why?

+ The color was amazing. It was natural and did not look fake. It definitely enhanced and complimented the color of my lips. 

+ It was not clumpy or goopy. My lips did not feel heavy and when I pressed my lips together they did not stick as if I had Elmer's glue on my lips. This was important to me since it was the reason why I refused to try lipgloss before. 

+ My lips ACTUALLY did not dry up with this product. It really does moisturize your lips!

+ I went to the drugstore and checked the price. For $2.49, this product is reasonable and should be in everybody's makeup bag! I will definitely check into the other colors that are available! NYC you have my business!

And... I am sad to say that the other product that I tried today didn't go so well for me. This won't be a very positive review. But please do not take my word for everything. You should definitely try the product out for yourself. 

The Kiss Nail Dress just did not agree with me. 

My sister showing everything off!

+ I was not a fan of the design I received. I looked at the website and it seems that there ARE some cute designs. So check it out.

+ The package pretty much came with everything you need. It came with the emory board and all plenty of the nail strips. 

+ I had my cousin and sister put these on my nails. They had a hard time.  I really do think that applying these strips will be easier on longer nails. My nails are pretty short and the leftover strip kept sticking  to my skin. ALSO the emory board kept rubbing against my skin while my cousins were trying to remove the excess strip. This can probably be avoided with longer nails. 

+ The strips kept bubbling and it was difficult to avoid this. We were quite annoyed. 

+ It did not take long for the nail strip to lift near the ends of my nails. 

I will assume that the problems that I had stemmed from our lack of experience in nail strips. This is why I recommend people try this product before they make a judgement. You MAY have a better experience!

All in all... I love my Voxbox and cannot wait to try the other products!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I definitely am!


PS... I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Needed: More energy?!?

I arrived safe and sound. Surprisingly, the trip was smooth and quick. We made great timing and it didn't feel like it took forever. My cousin is amazing and kept up the conversation.

 This trip has made me miss the days when we were younger. We were all close. You see, her father is my mother's brother. At one time, we lived next door to each other and the cousins would always hang out. Now, we have all gone our separate ways and I relish the moments when we all get back together. 

Anyways, I am excited to post about my Influenster Holiday Voxbox. I was extremely excited when I received the email stating that I should expect the Holiday Voxbox in the mail soon. I stalked the mailbox like a crazy person and was quite upset when I realized that I would be leaving for the holidays without receiving my box. It was on my mind the whole time I was in Pensacola for Christmas. That is why, I begged my cousin to allow me to check the mail right when we arrived in Gainesville on Tuesday night. 

She knew I had received my box when I ran to the car. I was smiling from ear to ear and eager to get to my apartment to check the contents of my box. I got some pretty cool stuff and am SO excited to try everything out. I promise I will post about everything once I try them. 

I thought it was a great idea to try out the EBOOST Natural Energy Dietary Supplement during the long drive from Gainesville to Pensacola. My thoughts?

+ Before trying it: I had never heard of it before and was intrigued. I was a little bit skeptical. 

+ LOVED the package. The color of the packet was bright.

+  I loved that the initial color of the powder was yellow. As I poured cold water into my Tervis, I realized that the powder turned pink/ orange. I thought that was super cool. I have no idea if this was done to mimic the "Pink Lemonade" color since the EBOOST flavor that I received was "Pink Lemonade". BUT I liked it. 

+ The powder did not dissolve right away and it took me a while to stir everything in. 

+ My first thoughts about the taste: It tasted chalky at first. The "pink Lemonade" flavor came up as an aftertaste. 

+ I almost stopped drinking it after the first sip. But I persisted. The taste grew on me and I actually finished the whole drink. After a few sips, the chalkiness went away and I could taste the "Pink Lemonade" flavor. 

+ It still kind of tasted like those old Flintstone vitamins that I used to eat as a kid. 

+ I was awake and perked up throughout the whole trip. I never felt like I was hopped up on sugar. It was a natural high and I did not end up crashing at the end of the day. This was a plus. I do not know if I could attribute this to a good nights sleep or to this drink BUT I can honestly say that I usually feel sleepy half way through the Gainesville- Pensacola drive. I would like to attribute this to the EBOOST drink. 

+ All in all, I would definitely consider buying this product and would recommend it!

Have you tried EBOOST? What do you think about it?


PS... I am so happy to be home with the family!

PPS... I received these products complimentary for testing purposed from Influenster. 

It's OK...last one of 2012

By the time you read this (if it's after 5pm), I will be on my way back to Pensacola visiting my momma. (I am typing this on Thursday night) I will probably be doing this and driving my cousin insane.

I know I am a day late but I am still going to link up to It's OK Thursday.

It's OK...

+ that my mom wraps every gifts several times in a few boxes to make opening gifts annoying more fun

+that I have bought so much makeup in the last couple of days.

+ that I want my sisters relationship to last but I have a hard time seeing a positive future for her relationship because it is long distance. She is in college and I know how much of a strain that can put on a relationship. I pray that it works out for her.

+ that I am ready for these next two weeks to pass by. I am ready to stop working and FINALLY move to Arizona

+ that Taylor Swift annoys the crap out of me. All her songs are about a guy that has done her wrong. If she has had so many problems with SO many guys, then SHE must be the problem.

+ that I have baby fever until I see kids act up an cry.

+ that I want to pay someone to drive me back to Pensacola.

+ that I want 2013 to get here!

Don't you want it to get here?

The next time you'll hear from me, I'll be posting from Pensacola. Get excited!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wait... more driving tomorrow?!?

Happy 2-days-after Christmas everybody! I am back safely in Gainesville and have completed a full days work. It was the hardest thing for me to get up this morning. I just had an amazing time with the family these last few days AND there is no feeling like being at home. It just felt good!

I mentioned this the other day, but I have to say it again. Christmas was wonderful. My sister and I woke to my mom singing Christmas songs. This sounds super cute but it was extremely annoying at the time. (she does this all the time when she knows we are TIRED!)

Once we were awake, we started the gift opening. I noticed that this was the first year that I was more excited to watch everyone else open gifts. I honestly would have been fine if I did not receive anything. I was so excited to see everyone's face when they opened gifts! It's kind of embarrassing that it is the FIRST year that I felt like this. How selfish can I be?

I got amazing gifts this year. What did I get? 

+ Target gift card from my madre. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Target and I was so happy to unwrap this gift. I will probably hit the E.L.F aisle and splurge!

+ ULTA gift card...again from my mom. She is amazing and knows exactly what I like!

+ An amazing pampering set (nothing to do with diapers)... from my mom AGAIN!

+ A pair of amazing earrings. Can you guess who from?

+ A poncho from my aunt. 

+ 3 pairs of colored tights from my sister.

+ time spent with my sisters, mother, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Best Gift Ever

1. My cousin Romeo and I
2. My sister Alicia and cousin Roselle
3. "Soon wedding bells are in a family member's future" -My sister's fortune cookie fortune
4. "Your hard work is about to pay off" - My fortune!

I had an amazing time. There were just three things missing...

Norton, Colon and my sister Christina. Colon spent Christmas with his family and Christina spent Christmas with my dad. Norton spent time in Gainesville chasing feeder fish and shrimp. I love my turtle!

How did I end up back in Gainesville? I drove, of course! AND what did I happen upon when I got into Gainesville? My first Influenster VoxBox!

I'll be posting about the contents soon! I am so EXCITED!

AND my awesome cousin agreed to come with me. She is a fellow make-up lover and is just as obsessed with makeup as I am. She drove with me and talked with me about the randomest things. We have giggled and laughed. We have gone make-up shopping and bonded. 

Now, I have to go to bed so I can wake up early for work. Just. Great. 

The good thing about work is that my reward for completing to work day is the drive back to Pensacola where I will be able to see my mom and Christina. More family time while bringing in the new year! YEAH BABY!

With the new year comes the move to Arizona. Colon has been researching moving options and has been stressing out over the plans. I have been stressing but am so excited. Now to go to sleep and dream about family time!

I hope everyone is having fun while waiting to bring in the new year!

AND I am sorry for the random thoughts in this post!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I wish you a....

Merry Christmas!

Hope today has been a wonderful day full of family. Wishing everyone a day full of love.

My day definitely has been an amazing one! These pictures and this slideshow sums up the first half of my day!

 I hope you get everything you wanted. BUT if not, remember to be grateful and thankful for the things that you DID get and for the treasures that you are fortunate to have at the moment.

Love you all!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

A little white lie...

Home sweet home.

It feels good to be back. My mom is doing great and my sister seems as if she is doing well. We have been shopping away getting ready for the gift giving that will be happening in a couple of days. I am so excited for that to happen. To see the looks on every ones face when they open their gifts. Gahhh... Cannot wait!

Remember how I wrote this post that went up on Friday? Well I kind of lied in it. But it wasn't intentional. I typed it up with the intention of leaving on Friday. But then car trouble made it's way into our lives and we ended up heading out yesterday (Saturday). But that's OK because I was falling asleep by 10 O'clock on Friday night. It would have been horrible if I was on I-10 at that time. 

The only draw back to leaving later was that Colon was grumpy because of the car trouble. He was testy, got annoyed easily, AND quite rude. But that is OK. I will let him use the excuse that he was stressed out.

In other news, I met my sisters boyfriend today. We went to lunch at Chili's and I got to grill him. That didn't really happen. I just asked a couple of questions and let the conversation flow. 

So, yeah. I met him and...

I actually approve. 

It's weird to think that my baby sister is dating somebody. 

I'm going to head out now. 

Hope everyone is enjoying these few days leading up to the holidays. Good luck wrapping presents and finding parking at the mall.


PS... I miss Colon a lot. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'll be home for Christmas...

... and if you can see this then the crazy prediction was false. 

Good because as you are reading this, I am making my way up North to the Panhandle of Florida. 

I will probably be...

+ listening to Christmas music

+ dancing like a crazy person

+ trying to curb my road rage

+ eating unhealthy snacks (snickers, zero bars, kit kats, basically anything chocolate) and telling myself "How often do I go on road trips... this is a one time thing"

+ smiling like a crazy person from ear to ear

+Missing Colon like crazy

+ going crazy on I-10

Man... road trips are fun!

Cannot wait to get home and see the family. 

Much love!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's OK... really?

Tomorrow's Friday and it can't come soon enough. Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away? 

I'm just going to jump into this link up.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

+ that I fell asleep in the movie theatres while watching The Hobbit. What can I say? I was already up for 24 hours!

+ that I bought 3 more lipsticks because they were EXTREMELY cheap!

via Instagram

+ that I am sad that Colon and I will not spend the Holiday's together

+ that I am SOOOO ready to move and am excited about starting something new out in Arizona

+ that I am dreading the drive to Pensacola

+ BUT I am SOOOOOOO excited to see my sisters and my mom in Pensacola

+ that I am going to miss Norton when I leave for Pensacola. 

+ that I don't believe in this "end of the world" crap that is going around!

+ that mother nature graced me with her presence a couple of days before Christmas. 

+ that e.l.f FINALLY got my package to me. It took them a month but I got it!

via Instagram
...and I am going to head out. I am grumpy and cramping like crazy.

Love you all!


Monday, December 17, 2012


Nothing I can say...

I know what you are thinking... two posts in one day?!? Aren't you on vacation?

I am... I just want to spread the word about the blogging silence tomorrow. It's centered on the events in Friday.
Those innocent kids. Those brave heroes.

Nothing I can say will make the situation better for those families.

Nothing I can say will bring those children back.

All we can do is show respect. Show love. Hold those that we love so very close. 

A blogging silence will take place tomorrow. I won't be posting anything but the following button. Hope you do the same.

stay safe and show love to those special people in your life!



What?!? Its raining?? No way...

Hey ya'll. I'm checking in from AZ and I am in love. Please excuse any typos and funky formatting as I am posting from my teny tiny phone.
The past few days have been amazing and I cannot wait to officially moeve here. I am convinced about the move and cannot wait to move in to our new house! (This is a far cry from my sentiments from a month ago... I know!)
There is so much to do...
Yup. Shopping galore. And THE FOOD. I wonder why I havenot seen more fat Arizon-ians. I could get used to this place!
The last time I posted, we were on our way to Orlando to get ourselves settled for the night. we had to wake up at 4 to catch the airport shuttle. We woke up excited. Yet we were exhausted. Colon had spent the week working and probably got a total of 10 hours of sleep that week. He appreciated the early rise, I'm sure!
The flights were easy. Colon slept and I constantly woke him up. He was not amused! Actually, he was annoyed and upset with me!
We arrived in AZ around noon and picked up our rental car. If you follow me on Instagram (@lechagar), then you know that Colon went all out! He got a convertible Camaro SS. He was cheesing from the time we picked it up to the time we arrived at his friends house.
It was freaking cold and RAINING for the first few days. Apparently this is not normal. Funny how it rains when I visit!
We decided to stay with Colon's friend. Thanks for letting us stay with you Victor. Once we dropped everything off, it was time to meet with he realtor. So many houses to look at and we had two houses in mind by the end of the day.
Side note: if you are a home owner and are trying to rent out your house, it is in your best interest to keep the house in great condition. If I walk into the house and there is still dog food scattered across the floor, and the counters have sticky things on it, then I will walk out and not think twice about the house!
Anyways, ended up going to a restaurant named "Grimaldi's" and it was amazing. Great Greek food and the best Gyro I have ever had.
Saturday was spent looking at houses and spending time with the realtor. Remember the two favorites I mentioned above? Well, themore affordable choice (aka our 2nd choice) ended up bing rented. we then found out that our first choice's landlord decided to drop the rent by $100. It was fate! We drew up a cover letter and filled out an application. 
The rest of the day was spent full of anxiety (We wanted that house! ) and it was topped of by a holiday potluck that Colon's Intel friend hosted. It was at this potluck that we found out that we got the house. Wine was out "we got the house" present.
Our first stop on Sunday was an Ecuadorian restaurant called "Mi Comida" where I had a foodgasm and probably freaked out Colon's friend with the amountof food I ate. Colon then took me to Fashion Square in Scottsdale. It is the biggest shopping center that I have ever seen. Colon and I ill be broke before we make it into February. (Aka we will only make it 2 weeks before we run out of money bc of shopping!)
I just reread this post and it is ridiculously long! Sooo, I am going to head out. Just know that I am so excited about the move and we have been furniture shopping (browsing) today. This was a successful trip and I cannot wait for this transition!
We leave tomorrow, so I will be posting the minimal amount of pictures that I took in the next few days.
Love you all!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are we there yet?

By the time you read this I will most likely be in Orlando biting my nails because I am so excited to fly to Arizona tomorrow. I probably am driving Colon insane because I won't stop talking. AND the things that I am talking about are probably irrelevant and weird. 

But that's OK because Colon has been driving me crazy lately with his indecision about food. He has been using the
 "I am so busy" 
and "I have so much grading to do" 
and "I have so much homework/ studying/ projects to do" 
excuse to not make decisions and do housework. The housework thing is fine. I could handle it. BUT when he says "I am hungry. Can you get me something", he had better damn well have a suggestion. The thing is, he has not had any suggestions and has said "I don't know" for the last couple of days.




...and I just went into an unexpected rant. But let's not ruin the mood. I am in Orlando and am so close to arriving in Arizona. To look at houses. For us. 

Our first grown-up move.


And now I am going to link up for Fill in the Blank Friday. Here I go!

1. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is giving. Whether it's gifts or donated items. In the end, it's a loving and generous act. What can be better than giving? 

2. The holiday season is magical. I love the cheer. The decor. The songs. It's like the world changes. Everything seems... hopeful!

3. When it comes to holiday decorating I like to do it as a family/couple. I hate doing it on my own. It's a moment to savor and enjoy with the people you love. 

4. The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is being home and spending time with my sisters and my mom. 

5. My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents on Christmas day. Not only because of the presents. I love that we take turns opening gifts so everyone can savor the gifts and really appreciate them.

6. This year my Christmas plans include driving to and from Gainesville and Pensacola several times. I have to work some of the days between Christmas and New Years so that means my car and I will be best friends for a couple of weeks. I am excited because I will get to spend time with my sisters and my mom. 

7. My favorite holiday food is the Filipino food my om makes. Yes, we have traditional holiday food, but my favorites are the Filipino ones like Sinigang and Pansit. To be honest these are my favorite EVERYDAY dishes. 

...and I am out.

I plan on popping in with extremely short Arizona updates during the trip!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just one more day

Just popping in to say hi folks. I am taking a few minutes from packing for my trip (we leave tomorrow) to wish you a happy Wednesday! I hope your day has been as good as mine. I also hope it was so much more eventful than mine. It seemed as if today c-r-e-e-p-e-d by. 

 But that's ok because I am in the middle of trying to decide what clothes to bring and I am so confused. You see, I am the classic over packer. You say the trip is for a day and I will pack for 5 days. A girl needs options!

...and with that I am going to participate in today's The One Minute Writer challenge. I have not done it in a while but today's topic was interesting. My answers will be in bold:

If the person ahead of you in the checkout line runs short of money, 
would you offer to help pay for them?

I would like to think that I would. 
It has not happened to me before, 
but I wouldn't mind helping someone 
out if I have the funds
 AND the amount is not too crazy. 

Does it matter what the person in need is buying? 
Canned vegetables? Cigarettes? Baby food?

Yes it DOES matter. 
I will not fund someone's smoking addiction 
and I will not pay for some strangers boozing for the night.
 But, if it's food or something that is needed
 (like baby essentials) I would not mind
 lending some money.  

Does it matter what the person looks or acts like?

Again, yes. This may sound superficial but if 
the person has expensive jewelry, clothing or is carrying
 around expensive electronics I will think twice. 
They should have used the money 
on their necessities instead of luxuries. 


Now I have to go back to packing. Sounds like fun, right?

I won't be able to sleep tonight because of the excitement  for the trip. Ahhh... I cannot wait.

Night ya'll!


PS.... I am linking up with Savannah at Rolled Up Pretty  for Whatever Whenever Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Day in the Life

...and today really wasn't so bad. I got soooo much done and I am surprised at how productive I have been.  

BUT I still had this weeks trip in the back of my mind. I am excited to go to Arizona and check out the the area in which we are going to live. I am so excited that I stayed up pretty late making a list of the different questions that I need to be asking our potential landlords about the houses we will be looking at. I have already put together a list of houses and am currently working on a spreadsheet to record all the information.

While I was doing that, Colon was STILL studying. I didn't go to bed until 12 or 1 in the morning and he was up. I ended up waking up at 5 (2 hours before my alarm).


 Saddest thing ever. 

That was when I realized that Colon was STILL studying and grading. He has been working so hard and I know he is also looking for the much needed vacation/ trip to Arizona. 

What did I do during my 2 hours of freedom before I had to start getting ready for work? Laid in bed. Watched Psych (ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SHOW). AND worked on my Arizona apartment question list. Can you tell that I am ready for the trip/ move?

Anyways... Yes, today was quite busy, BUT I decided to TRY and participate in the "A Day in the Life" photo challenge that I read about on Erin at Living in Yellow's. I wanted to take a picture every hour but it didn't happen. My life is boring and nothing important happened. BUT I did take a few pictures throughout  the day. Check them out!

1. Comfy bed. Laying and being lazy.
2. Watching Psych and the sun slowly lighting up the room.
3. Ironing my work shirt...
4. My daily routine. Lay out ALL of the products I am going to use in the order in which I am going to use them.
5. Norton!
6. Making coffee for the office!
1. Sex and the city during my lunch break
2. Tuna pasta for lunch. YUMMY!
3. My turtle measuring cups.
4. Colon STILL studying during my lunch break. He's working HARD!

Whether it is morning or afternoon, these pictures define my work day
1. Planner (AKA My life!)
3. My company during the day. A picture of Colon! So CUTE!

After work...
1. Blogging! Love you guys!
2. My blogging companion and one of my favorite sights!
3. Another blogging companion. Love Home Alone!
4. Starting to wrap Christmas presents. If only my shipments will come in.
 Fun, right? I wish I would have taken more pictures! Anyways, I hope everyone has had an amazing day! Much love!


Monday, December 10, 2012

AZ is just around the corner

One day down... three more to go. Since I am excited about my trip to Arizona this week, I thought it would be nice to post my next Arizona journal entry. This move has been quite emotionally conflicting for me. I hope you enjoy!


November 5

I just checked the weather in Arizona and I am a little bit disappointed. The high for tomorrow is 92 degrees.  In November. WHAT? This makes me a little bit nervous about moving. Do you know what makes up for this? The fact that Daylight Savings time is non-existent in Arizona. You read that right. There is no "fall forward, spring back". Kind of cool, right?

Sooo... This is going to be a weird transition, but I have things on my mind lately. We all know that I am moving to Arizona with Colon. You have witnessed the tug of war that was going on in my mind while I was making the decision to move. BUT I have not mentioned the feeling of restlessness that has been plaguing me lately.

I have always been one to get overly excited about events whether it is a party, or a holiday, or anything out of the ordinary. It gets to the point where I start thinking,

"Only so and so days/weeks/months until I get to that event"


"I just have to get through these so and so  days/weeks/months".

It consumes me and I do what I have to do to get through those days. It's a bad habit that I have yet to break. I bring this up for a reason. I promise. I promise that it has something to do with Arizona! In fact, this is how I am feeling about the move. I am so excited that it has consumed me. I cannot wait to move and experience something new. It has come to the point where I am just getting through the days.

In my last Arizona [blogger] journal entry I touched on how much I love my coworkers. They are amazing. BUT they cannot change the feelings I have been having lately. I am so excited for the move that work has become redundant. It is just something I have to get through as January approaches. Don't get me wrong. I love my job. I really do. But it is harder to get up in the morning. I find myself saying "I cannot wait to move" and while I get dressed for work I find myself dreading the work day. That all changed once I get into the car and head to work. My attitude changes once I am on my way to work.

This is confusing for me. Am I feeling this way because I am ready to move? Is this just the routine boredom that always plagues me once I become comfortable in a position?

Or do I really not like my job? This cannot be the case. I know this because I do not have any of the above feelings once I am at work. I am going to assume that it is just my laziness spurring these feelings.

I just feel a little bit guilty for feeling the way I do.

Am I going to be as lucky in Arizona as I am now by finding a job that I like working with people I love?

I sure hope so!


After reading my entry I realized a couple of things...

+ I should not have complained about the weather in AZ because it has been freaking hot here in Florida. We are in the 70's here. AND it's POURING! Ugh... Not as hot as AZ but it's still sucks for November!

+ I am still struggling and feeling guilty about my feelings about work. Today was a great day but I started to dread it from the time my head came off the pillow.

+ I still love my coworkers! We had an amazing lunch and I especially hope that we keep in touch after the move. I can truly see them as life long friends.  :)

Hope everyone else's week started off great!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cigars and wine...

Why does the weekend fly by? 

It's so annoying and I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Especially since Colon and I will be heading out to Arizona to check out houses this week. How exciting is that? The excitement is going to motivate me throughout the week. I am pretty sure that I will be thinking "After  do this I will be that much closer to the trip". I just have to get though work...

This weekend was pretty productive, though. I cleaned and did so many loads of laundry. I cleaned Norton's tank and rearranged the basking rocks and floating pads that he has. I also booked the hotel for the trip and finalized the list of houses that we are going to visit. 

:::: I must get through the next few days of work ::::

I am pretty sure that Colon is saying the same thing. He is STILL pulling all-nighters and is working so much. Poor thing. 

He did manage to get away from studying last night, though. Last night was the holiday party for the company I work for. The party started at 7 but my property decided that we would meet at 6:30 to take pictures together. So, I decided to start getting ready around 5:15. At around 5:45, I started to harass Colon about getting ready. He never takes up too much time so that should have been enough time to get ready. He did not start getting ready until 6:15 and he was dragging his feet the whole time. I was so upset. This event meant a lot to me and I felt as if he was not taking it seriously. I will admit that I was cursing him in my head. We missed the pictures. I'm not someone to hold a grudge, so by the time we arrived at the party I was not upset and we had a great time. Sadly, I did not take pictures last night. But i can assure you we had a great time. 

After the party, we decided to go to Havana's Downtown Cigars. It was a cigar lounge and I fell in love right away. We went into the humidor and picked out the cigar for Colon to smoke. We then sat in the lounge and played a game of dominoes while I sipped a glass of a Merlot-Cabernet blend. It was great. So relaxing and I know Colon really needed it.

1. Dominoes and Wine with the love at the Cigar lounge
2. Me and Colon while he was making a funny face...I think it's the wine!
Concentrating really hard! I still won the game, though

And with that, we headed home. I passed out because I am an old lady and Colon went right back to work. Again, he stayed up all night and did not go to bed until 6 in the morning. He then woke up at 11 (because I woke him up) and started working. He is still working right now and has been muttering the following things today :

+These kids are just so stupid
+What the hell are these kids doing
+I'm trying to give these kids as many points as I can.

To which I respond: "Are the answers correct? No? Then they get ZERO points". I know. I'm mean! 

Anyways, I am going to head out. But before I go, I want to leave you with a picture of something I found at Publix.

Bubble gum flavored apples? What?


Friday, December 7, 2012

Wanted: Pimple Zapper

Can I get a


This has been the longest freaking week EVER. I have been stressed out which has resulted in nightmares, lack of sleep, and a feeling of dread whenever I wake up for work. Under-eye concealer has definitely been my best friend. 

This month will be my last full month for rent collection and it has been so tough. I want to leave with a bang and I wanted it to be easy. But it's not which is only making it harder for me to accept. Last week actually flew by. That is why I was surprised when this week crept by at a snails pace. I should have known thought. all the signs pointed to it. 

It's Colons last week attending classes at UF. He has been extremely busy with grading and studying. He has been pulling all-nighters and I have been left to fend for myself. 

Other than my excitement for it being Friday, I have a lot of random things on my brain. Like...

+ Remember how I mentioned that Colon has been pulling all-nighters? Well I came home from work for lunch at 1pm today and was expecting him to be on campus. Nope. I found him in bed. Turns out he never woke up. I was jealous of him for a little while. How I wish I could have been the one to sleep until 1. 

+ Picture this. I woke up this morning and my face was clear of any blemishes. I come home from lunch, look in the mirror, and what do I see? A freaking pimple. And it's growing a mile a minute. Ewww!

+ One of my coworkers introduced me to the Aerial club here at UF. I didn't think anything of it until I saw videos of her performing. Then, she invited me to the Aerial showcase. It was absolutely amazing. Here is a video. I promise that she will blow you away!

+ I am still obsessed with makeup. It's bad! I keep stalking my mailbox in hopes that my order has arrived. 

+ I have also been stalking the mailbox for all of the Christmas gifts I bought people! I love getting packages!

+ I have to start making a list of houses to look at in Arizona. We leave next week to house hunt. I am so excited!

Have a nice Friday night!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup

Hello. My name is Lourdes and I think it's time to admit something...

I am a hoarder. A make-up hoarder. You know. The "I need to buy this because I need a backup just in case they discontinue this color" hoarder. I have a problem. I realized it when my sisters and mother came for Thanksgiving. I introduced my sisters to E.L.F. and they quickly bought things online. I then showed them my makeup collection. I am not kidding when I say that I had NO IDEA how much makeup I had until I started to take everything out of my box(es). It was during my show-and-tell session with my family that I vowed to not buy makeup until I have used everything that is in my collection. I really did mean it. 

The next day we went Black Friday shopping. My sisters bee-lined for clothes. Guess what I hunted down in every store. You guessed it! Makeup. at the end of the day, I ended up with 5 new lipsticks and an eye-shadow pallet. 

So I made the same vow (AGAIN) that night. And I have been strong. I kept it.

...until today. They just kept sending me emails about their sales. It has been tempting me for a while and I finally gave in today. I needed it. I have been so busy at work for the past two days and came home so stressed and exhausted yesterday. I didn't get enough sleep last night because I kept thinking about all of the things I had to do today. So, I came home and just needed relaxing time. The makeup that I just bought made my relaxing time ten times better!

The movie Elf has also made my relaxing time better. It's sad that I have seen the movie three or four times in the last few days. I was excited when I saw that it was playing on ABC family on Sunday. I had never seen it before but the movie has been mentioned on several peoples "Favorite things during the holidays" blog posts. So, I watched it. Loved it. Laughed hysterically at times. Then watched it again when they played the movie for the second time on Sunday. My favorite line?

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup"

...and I thought that you would like to know that I am currently watching the movie (AGAIN) as I type this post. I just saw the scene where Buddy sits in the bathroom and sings along while Jovie is showering. This reminds me of Colon. He always seems to want to talk or tell me a story while I am in the shower. He knows I think its weird, so he does it to get a rise out of me. But it's OK because when he's extremely busy, I miss his hanging out in the bathroom while I shower. 

I miss him now. He has been pulling all-nighters since Friday. It's exam time and it's his last semester on campus. So, he's working hard. 

...and on that note, I am going to say "good night".