Monday, November 5, 2012

Where did the sun go?

Hey ya'll. 

It's Monday night and I am already ready for the weekend. This last weekend was quite tame. We really did not do much since Colon had a test that he had to "study" for. At least he was SUPPOSED to study. I am pretty sure that he spent a lot of time playing Assassins Creed 3. But that's OK because it gave me time to relax, practice my programming, and be lazy. PLUS we went to go see Wreck-It Ralph on Friday. I definitely suggest you go see it. We loved it!

SO it was a nice quiet weekend spent with my boyfriend who was supposed to be busy with schoolwork. Bonding time with the boyfriend was great! It was hard to go into work yesterday. Why was I at work yesterday? Well, you are looking at the rent collector of an apartment complex. AND yesterday happened to be the first late rent day. Today would have been hell if I did not go in to enter checks on Sunday  So I did my duty, sucked up the sadness, and went into work for a couple of hours. I did all of that to make today easier. Can you guess what happens today? The freaking printer broke putting me behind schedule. So, today did not go as smoothly as I wanted to. All I can say is...

I [already] CANNOT WAIT until the weekend!

Actually... I cannot wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas. CANNOT WAIT! I am tempted to start playing Christmas music and start decorating the apartment with Christmas-y things. Oh man, that reminds me that I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. That means that my mom and sisters will be traveling and staying here with me. I am determined to cook the turkey this year. Just so you know, I have never done it. Oh well. I should start looking at recipes for deserts and such. Any ideas?

As you can tell, I am [as always] scatterbrained today. There are a couple more things floating around in my head and they don't really relate to one another. I have been thinking up ways to flow into each topic, but could not think of anything clever. Sooooo... I am going to go with the classic bullet points. Here I go...

*It's 7 O'clock. I will never get used to this time change thing. I woke up at 7 am yesterday. It was a freaking Sunday. Seven AM on SUNDAY. Who does that? Apparently I do because I am crazy like that. Guess what time I woke up this morning. I am supposed to wake at 7 and I woke up at 5. I looked at the clock and was so upset. I wasn't really tired but did not want to waste any of my sleepy time. so I went back to sleep. 

*Where the heck has 2012 gone? We are already in November. Time has flown and a new year is right around the corner. I need to start coming up with New Years resolutions.  

*Why do guys always use "my girl this..." and "my girl that..."? You don't own me. I am not your girl. I'm your freaking girlfriend. How about using my name. Just say "Lourdes, my girlFRIEND,...". I really do not know why this bothers me. it just does. 

*Where the hell do socks go when they go missing? AND why is it that Colon's socks always go missing? Do they not like his feet or something? 

...and I just looked at the time and realized that I have to go to a meeting. Love you guys and thank you for putting up with this random post.


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  1. LOL Your too funny!

    I feel the same way when the hubs doesn't introduce me... "Hello, I'm the wife, Lauren, yeah thats me"


    Anywho love the randomness! :)


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