Monday, November 26, 2012

SOMETIMES I get jealous...

Hi all... 

I can't believe it's actually Monday. I have been thinking it was Monday for the last two days and now that I have almost completed the day, I am in shock. The days have been flying by and I just can't keep track of them. AND I know they will keep flying by now that Thanksgiving has brought in the Christmas holiday season. (Which I absolutely LOVE).

Oh and see The Sims? Love that game and Colon got me that, too. AWESOME!

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram (@lechagar) then you know that Colon got me a Kindle Fire HD over the weekend. He actually surprised me with it last night and I could not put it down. I had an older generation Kindle and was absolutely in love with it. When the Fire HD was announced, I was looking forward to upgrading and I did not doubt that it would be a great product. My older Kindle has never let me down. So yes. I have been playing with it and downloading apps like crazy. I also took advantage of the bright screen and spent time reading in bed this morning before I had to start getting ready for work.

As I stated yesterday, I have been relaxing lately. This gave me enough time to get some blog posts ready and to catch up on my blog reading. One post that really got to me and mirrored my thoughts was this post by Deidre at Decoy Betty. (Have you read it?... Go read it...I'll wait...)

 I have followed her for a while and can honestly say that I look forward to her posts. Anyways, the post that hit home (and is linked above) is about "blog envy". AND "blog envy" or "blog jealousy" is something that I experience at times (Not often, but I do experience it!). I follow many blogs and sometimes feel the need to check out how many followers that person has. OR I check out how many comments the blogger gets per post. 


SOMETIMES it makes me sad

SOMETIMES it makes me self conscious

SOMETIMES I get upset

...and then I start to think about how much I love writing my blog. It's my personal journal that I am putting out there. BUT, I DO NOT write it for anyone other than myself. The minute that I start writing for others, is the minute that I need to STOP blogging. 

I refuse to be that person that leaves a comment on other peoples blogs just to write some half-assed thought and end it with "FOLLOW ME". That's just not me. 

I don't know. I may not have many followers but I adore the people who do follow my blog. So I will not feel bad about not having 1000+ followers. I am happy with my small little blog space! It's all mine!

OH and just so people know, I have not followed a single person through GFC since that huge change many many months ago. I have switched over to Bloglovin and follow everyone through that site. So don't be offended if you don't see me following you on GFC. I am most likely following you on Bloglovin!


Now to something totally different. In a couple of my blog posts, I mentioned that I have been getting ready for a new chapter in my life. I could not really say what it was since things were not in place yet, but it seems that I can start blabbing about it on this here blog. 

So, my last life chapter started when I left home and came to college. It basically took place in Gainesville. After about 6 years in this college town, I will be starting a new chapter in Arizona. Six months ago, I blogged about Colon starting a summer internship in Arizona. You can see the post here. We had NO IDEA that he would like it so much. At first, he was dreading the internship because... well... It was Arizona. He had never been there and was not familiar with the area.   

And then... he started telling me about job offers in Arizona which lead to this post. Yup. I freaked out and started to really think about things. I was scared of the unknown and that post showed it. As I reread that post, I realize that I was trying to convince myself. 

It's funny how far I have come in just a couple of months. My thoughts have changed and I have agreed to move to Arizona. I have been keeping it in for the last couple of months since I had not formally told my job. Yes, my boss was aware of my decision since I gave her a heads up but it was not widely known. 

I did not want to go announcing it here until it become known within the company. Today was that day. The "we are looking for someone to take so and so position at so and so property" went out today and now people know. So that means I can start blogging about everything. That also means that I can start posting the 4 or 5 "journal" posts that I have written the last few weeks. Yay!

I am excited. Yet oh-so nervous! I have no idea what Arizona is like. God help me!

Night blog world.


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