Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some time to myself...

My family has left and I have no idea what to do with myself. I miss them already and I am also missing Colon terribly. Although I miss everybody, I am still feeling relieved because I am pretty sure I will be able to catch up on much needed sleep that has eluded me the last couple of days. I also get to have a day to myself and regroup. 

Well... today has been an emotional day. We went shopping (yes...more shopping) for some odds and ends.  I insisted on going to the reptile store so that I could show my mom the type of tortoise that I will be getting want to get in the future. Once we finished up shopping and hanging out, it was time for my mom to leave. It was so hard to let her go. 

The saddest part about her leaving is that she witnessed her daughters (my sister and I) get into a small argument. (***This is one of the reasons why I said today was quite emotional). Yes. We did. My sister was debating whether to leave today or tomorrow and I suggested that I drive down with her since Colon would be driving back up tomorrow. I was excited to see Colon and I LOVE car trips. Apparently, she was not liking the suggestion because she told me that she would rather stay here and leave tomorrow than drive five hours with me. She also said that she can handle me here in the apartment since there were other rooms to retreat to, but she would not be able to retreat in the car.

How did I respond? 

I responded like an adult....

and cried.

 Not my best moment. I was hurt and the tears just came. I managed to stop myself from crying and put on a  brave face to say farewell to my mom. I was ready to be alone. I was discouraged from going down and was ready for my sister to hightail it out of here. But she felt guilty and decided to stay for a little bit. So, we watched the Gator game. It was a stressful game and I swear I almost had a heart attack several times during the game. You see, this game was a rivalry game against Florida State University (FSU) and there are always crazy things happening during  rivalry games. The score flip-flopped throughout the game, but in the end the better team, my team, won. 

And because a rivalry game is not complete without trash talk, I will post something I saw online:

Look closely at her face...
Found here

It was hard going on Facebook during the game. People can be so mean and stoop extremely low with the trash talking. It's kind of embarrassing!

The good thing about watching it with my sister is we got to talk and she apologized. She ended up explaining that road trips are soothing to her and looks forward to taking those trips alone. That was when I understood that she was a fellow loner and I forgave her. I love my sister.

So... the people I love left and are either at home or on their way home. Since they have been gone, I've been watching Home Alone and Snapchatting with them. They showed me the Snapchat app and I am addicted!

Check it out. I promise you'll have fun.

And I realize that I have jumped from subject to subject so I am going to say good night for now!

Love you all!


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