Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some lovey-dovey awkwardness....

The weekend is coming to an end and I am currently waiting for my other half to return. He just called to say that he landed in Orlando. Cannot wait to see him! I missed him so much!

His being gone allowed me to do some things sans judgement, though. I am sure that many of you are aware that Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out some time last week.

 If you have been a long time follower, then you know my feelings about the Twilight series. If not read this, this, and this post. So, it's a love-hate relationship with it. The love between Edward and Bella affected me, but the classic vampire was destroyed  in the series. My conflicting ideas about the series lead me to be hesitant to see the last movie. Since Colon has vowed to never see a Twilight  movie with me AND I didn't really have any plans for Friday night, I decided to go see the movie. By myself. Which I absolutely love doing. I promise you it's not uncomfortable or weird. Don't feel bad for me!

I think I surprised the guy that sold me my ticket. He looked shocked and quickly asked me whether I was meeting up with another person to watch the movie. I smiled and said "No... I actually hate sharing my popcorn when I am at the movies". He laughed but looked shocked. Does anyone else go to the movies by themselves?

Anyways, back to Twilight. The movie is a lot better than the first few movies. It felt extremely different. The only thing that was still present was the awkwardly, cheesy, lovey-dovey statements made by Bella and Edward. I don't know about you, but statements such as:

"Nobody has ever loved someone as much as I love you"

or even when Edward says

"So beautiful"...

I literally had to look away from the screen. I squirmed and got uncomfortable. While I was squirming I was trying to figure out why I was so uncomfortable. It's weird because I usually love all that lovey-dovey stuff. Maybe it's just because the acting is so bad. <-- That statement reminds me of something I saw on FX (the channel). They were announcing a Twilight marathon and they wrote "Fans of bad acting rejoice... Twilight marathon tonight". 

So yeah... enough about Twilight. What else did I do this weekend? I bought some Christmas presents for some people. I started my Christmas gift list a couple of months ago and I am excited to start actually buying things already! 

via Instagram

I also FINALLY put up my Christmas tree. My apartment was filled with Christmas music and I had so much fun decorating. Oh how I love Christmas!

You probably aren't surprised that I cleaned. I have not done an intensive clean of the apartment in such a long time and it was such a great feeling to get one in this weekend. I organized the cabinets in our bathroom and deep cleaned the sink, tub, and toilet. Once I was done with cleaning, I felt relief. 

So, I didn't really do much this weekend, but I had fun nonetheless. 

Now I have to go and yell at the people upstairs who walk around like they are elephants running away from something that is going to attack them. So, I am going to go and dive into this 3-day work week! Cannot wait to see my family!

 Love you all and hope you had a great weekend.


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  1. I used to go to the movies by myself before I married. But as I get older I have found more and more movies don't seem worth watching... or paying a fortune to go see. :)

    Can't wait until Saturday!! Its Christmas decorating time!! YAY!


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