Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh the things to be thankful for...

It's Thanksgiving Eve everybody! 

Hope everyone is having a great day being thankful!

It's about 5 am right now. Couldn't sleep a wink since Colon has been snoring the night away. (Mind you, he is sick and had lost his voice for a few days). So by the time you read this, I am probably busy at work anxiously waiting for 5 o'clock to come. Seriously, I have a lot to do before today ends. If I do not finish, I will have to go in on Friday to beat a deadline. Wish me luck. 

SO yeah... I am so excited. This 3-day work week is almost over and my 4 day weekend officially begins at 5. The only sad thing is that Colon will be heading down south to spend the holiday with his family. I feel like he just came back from his 5-day conference and now he is leaving again. Boohoo...

Enough with the sob story. On to the exciting things to come. My mom and sisters are all driving to spend Thanksgiving with me. This means my apartment has to be in tip-top shape and I have made myself  am in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. I even went recipe surfing on the internet, made myself a list of ingredients to buy, and went shopping for all the necessities. Holy hell people. I spent 80- something dollars on groceries. Just for Thanksgiving dinner. I know this sounds delusional, but I didn't think I would spend that much. I left the store in shock AND my bank account was threatening to have a stroke. Say goodbye to the Christmas gift ideas that I had for friends and family. (JK).

Say hello to being thankful. Everybody has been posting "I'm thankful for..." posts and I love them. I have such a long list of things to be thankful for. I mean, there's...

*** My mom. My sisters (all 5 of them...this includes my stepsister). My brother. My dad. My step-mom. Basically, my family. They are amazing and I have no idea where and who I would be without them. 

*** The last five and a half years that I have spent with one of the most amazing men that I know. Colon. We have had our ups and downs, but we have gotten through them. I am so thankful for EVERY moment that I have had with them. They have taught me lessons, and made me ten times stronger. I am thankful for the love that we STILL have for each other. So thankful that our love is still apparent and obvious for others to see. 

*** My amazing friends. Kirsten. Chris. (It is impossible for me to name them all! Don't be offended if you are not named!) They put up with my loner tendencies and know that I still love them even if I stick to myself. 

*** The blessing of having food on my table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So many people don't have that luxury and here I am eating ALL THE TIME!

*** A beautiful, homey, and cozy apartment that covers my head at night. This is similar to food. It's a luxury that I am blessed to have, while there are others who cannot imagine having a safe pace to sleep.

*** Norton. A pet that has stolen a piece of my heart. 

*** The people I work with. I love my job and it's partly because of my coworkers. They have also stolen a piece of my heart!

*** Health. I am healthy and the last doctor's appointment confirmed it! Thank God for this. Too many people are suffering lately. *** 

*** So much more. I live a blessed life!

You may not here from me in a few. Have a great and happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots and lots of food!


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