Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's multiply like crazy....

I just came back from a great dinner with a friend that I have not seen since April or May of this year. I had an amazing time catching up with him and hearing about his experiences in Japan. Yup. He is cool and he decided to spend a couple of months in Japan. How awesome is that?

Dinner was a lovely break from watching the election updates and all the elections related statuses that people have been posting. Has anyone else been sick of all of the opinionated posts? Well, I have. It's annoying and I really do not care about who you are going to vote for. Keep it to yourself. You're not going to change my vote.

 [After rereading the last few sentences I realize that it sounded kind of mean. I want to make sure you know that I respect your opinions and you are entitled to them. Post all you want but I just cannot stand seeing posts that bash others for voting for a certain person. It's disgusting...]

Anyways... I hate talking politics and try to avoid it at all costs. Tonight is no different. How about we dive into how wonderful today was. Yes. I DID have to go to work, but it was such a pleasant day. It was busy and it actually flew by. Love it. 

PLUS the hours after work seem to slow down lately. Before the time change, the sun going down meant that bed time was quickly approaching. But now, the disappointment that I feel quickly turns into surprise when I actually look at the clock. 

Oh and I just found out that my bestest friend in the world will be driving through for Thanksgiving. I have not seen him for a couple of months and am soooo excited to see him!

Man... this was a great day. I'm feeling the love and am excited to see who wins this election. All I can say is that I loved exercising my right to vote for the second time in my life. Refreshing... Ahhhhhhh <----That's a soothing, relaxing "ahhh" not a scary, screaming "ahhh". Just thought I should clarify that!

Have a great night everyone!


PS.... I bought feeder fish and shrimp for my turtle and they have started having babies in my tank. They are so cute and miniature. Love it! 

PPS ...the title of this post is referring to the fish that I mentioned ^^^. It is NOT (I repeat NOT) referring to Colon and I having kids. 

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