Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fries can only be eaten in pairs...

Isn't it sad when you find yourself unexpectedly alone on a Wednesday night? 

I think it is. My other half decided to go to a conference for the society that he is in and he will be gone until Sunday. FIVE DAYS without my love. 

So, you can imagine how I am spending my night. I have lit candles throughout my apartment and have poured myself a glass of wine. It's going to be a relaxing night. least it will be once I clean the freaking apartment. I came home from work and discovered that Colon did not pick up before he left. It seems that he decided to use a certain bag to pack and emptied the contents of the bag on my nightstand, bathroom counter, and kitchen table before he proceeded to stuff his bag with his traveling necessities. His underwear was on the bathroom floor and the clothes that he decided not to bring were left in a pile beside the bed. Yes. I almost had a heart attack when I got home. 

Oh and I stepped on a dead roach while I was cleaning the kitchen. First time that ever happened and I screamed like someone was trying to murder me. Something like that WOULD happen while Colon is a couple of hundred miles away!

Yeah. It hasn't even been a full day, and I am missing him terribly. I am even missing his habit of poking fun of the way I eat french fries. You see, I tend to put my french fries in pairs according to height. Colon noticed this the other night. I had my fries paired off and he went for one of the fries. I freaked and told him he would have to eat the pair. When he asked me why he HAD to eat the paid instead of just one, I replied "Because it won't be even if you eat just one". That response just came out. I have problems!

There aren't any problems that Christmas music cannot fix! Check out this group! They are great!



  1. You are so funny! LOL I hate coming home with J leaves his things around... like really? I haven't worked all day now I have to come home and clean up after my man-child HA!

  2. Aw, I know what you mean, my husband last year went on several work trips and I always missed him terribly.


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