Monday, October 8, 2012

Peeping in on a bathroom break

Wait! What? Two posts in two days? You must be dreaming...

I am just popping in to ask 2 questions...

1. Is it normal for couples to be OK with not shutting the door while using the restroom? I ask because it seems that Colon is getting pretty comfortable with the whole open-door-while-using-bathroom habit. The other day I was using the restroom and Colon starts to open the door and peek in. When I started to complain, he sits on the bathroom counter and tries to have a conversation with me. Is this weird? I want to say no. We've been together for so long it should not matter. BUT I still feel...weird about it. Maybe even uncomfortable by it. Yeah, using the bathroom may be natural. Everyone does it. BUT I don't necessarily want someone to witness me doing it.

*****I have been made aware that I have made Colon look like a creeper and made you all believe that he does this solely for his own enjoyment. I am assuring you that he doesn't. He just likes to mess with me and does it to bother me. So, i guess he does it partly for his own enjoyment. *****

Any thoughts on this?

2. Is it normal to be afraid of contacting people on Craigslist about the merchandise they post? I have been looking for a larger tank for Norton and have noticed how expensive it could be. So, I decided to check out Craigslist. I found a GREAT deal but I am hesitant to contact them. As I click the "email" button, I start to think about all the crazy stories I have heard about people who post on Craigslist.

So, I proceeded to ask Colon to reply to the post for me. That was a no-go. He said no and told me I had to handle this. He gave me the I-think-your-being-irrational-and-crazy look.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have qualms with contacting people on Craigslist?

Anyways, it's late (not really) and I have to go do some dishes (AKA put them in the dishwasher). So good night and sweet dreams....



  1. 1. I wish I could answer your first question but my wife thinks it's normal for everyone to use the bathroom in front of everyone. She waited all of a week into dating to pee with the door open. Sometimes I have to remind her that it's normal for people to want private time. She remains unconvinced.

    2. There are a ton of scammers on craigslist. There are also a ton of people just trying to sell stuff. An email can't hurt. Just be smart about what you do from there. Don't send money anywhere. Don't meet anyone alone in a private, unknown location. If you want what they have then arrange to meet in public or take someone with you to pick it up at their house. Don't go inside, have them bring it out.

  2. LOL I guess it is weird when someone is in the bathroom with you... but I think its normal. My husband and I do this often. We have one bathroom so when were racing around getting ready or we haven't talked all day we might follow each other into the bathroom.

    And the whole craiglist thing is just to be careful. We have bought things off of there. Don't meet them alone, at their house, meet in a public place. Try not exchange any unnecessary information. I think just inquiring through email would be fine. They can't get you through email. :) Email them from a made up email. That might help :)

  3. Eh I agree with you on both points. J and I have been together for awhile and he would never dream of trying that because I think it creeps him out too. LOL

    Oh and yea, your irrational fears are the reason I do not buy anything from Craigs List. Unless my brother goes with me.

  4. Craigslist is a great resource - you should def always be cautious and meet in a public place or bring someone with you, though.

    And as far as the bathroom goes... I think it just depends on the couple.


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