Sunday, October 7, 2012

LS-Who??? Welcome to Gator Country

Have you ever been nervous for the weekend?

That was me as I was driving home from work on Friday. I know it sounds weird. Who would be nervous for the weekend? Apparently I was. 

The cause of this nervousness? The Florida football game against LSU. A really good team that had a great chance of whooping our butts. At a Florida HOME GAME. In the Swamp. 

It was a big game. LSU always was a big opponent. The game to go to. The game to watch. 

I have been so proud of my Gators this season. They have been playing well. BUT playing top 10 teams still makes me nervous.

But there was NO NEED to be nervous. Because we WON and the Gators proved that they can do it. The game was a blast. nerve racking at times, but the drinks I consumed at the tailgate prior to the game made it easier to handle. My throat is killing me. I am sore. I have bruises on my legs. The game was THAT good.

If you could not tell, I am ecstatic that we won. What made it even better? Colon's brother, "K", came in for the game. It was his first Gator game.

SO yeah. This weekend has been great. In other news

* I found a pack of pumpkin beer and have been guzzling it down like crazy (not really... I'm not an alcoholic). Have you tried some? You should. Super yummy!

* I am STILL addicted to Diablo. don't know what it is? Look it up. 

* My mommy's birthday was on Wednesday. She is such an amazing person and THE BEST mommy that I know. She will do anything and everything to make us (my sisters and I) happy. I love her and wish her the happiest (belated blog announcement) birthday!

* Yesterday was my BEST FRIEND, Chris' Birthday. All of you should be jealous and i am sure are wishing that you had a Chris in your life. he is amazing and is now a year older. So Happy Birthday Chris. I love you!

*I am determined to carve a pumpkin this month. I have NEVER (I repeat... NEVER) carved a pumpkin in my life. It's going to happen. I swear!

*I am honestly obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This group has such a different feel from the other Real Housewives series. They are my favorite. 

*Norton is super cute. I went to the reptile store last weekend to look for treats for him. I started speaking with one of the store associates and asked a whole lot of questions. I found out that Norton will grow to be a little bit bigger than the length of my hand. I found out that Norton is not a boy, but a girl (Shocker... I am still keeping his name). I knew that I needed a bigger tank, but was curious about the size I needed. The associate informed me that a 40 gallon will do but a 55-gallon is better. So, I am in the market for a 55-gallon tank for Norton. He deserves the best. 

I saw the hatchling turtles. They were so cute. I had no idea that how tiny they were and they are even cuter when they are mini-Nortons. 

I went to this reptile store to check out the inventory. I left with live crickets and 40-50 earthworms for Norton. He LOVED them and has been enjoying his live meals for the past week. He recognizes the worm container and swims to the top of the tank when he sees it. 

I realize I have been talking entirely too much about Norton so I will stop soon. I just want to add that I see a mini-Norton entering the picture soon.  

1. Norton.
2. Tortoises at the reptile store
3. Norton basking under his heat lamp.

Oh and before I move on... I saw baby tortoises. I have mentioned several times that I want a tortoise. I almost bought one before my sister used me as a permanent turtle-sitter for Norton. The tortoises were sooo cute. I have not lost my love for them and I STILL intend to get one in the future. (by future I mean the next 6-7 months). 

*I dropped two of my drinking glasses on Friday. This is the first time I have done something like this since I lived at home. I am slightly surprised that it wasn't Colon that dropped them. No offense, baby!

And since this post is running long, I will stop for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Much love and 



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