Monday, September 24, 2012

Things that I think are weird...

*Armpit hair. 
Weird on girls. Weird on guys. 
I know. I know. It's probably wrong that I think it's weird but who cares. It just creeps me out.
Whenever a girl lifts her arms and I can see spriglets of hair I shudder a little bit. I just know how uncomfortable it is to have spikey hairs under my arms. :::shudder:::
Whenever a guy lifts his arm and I see hair I gasp a little bit. I don't know why. I just do. The thing is it's weirder when a guy doesn't have hair. Contradiction? I know!

*Parents handling issues for their ADULT children
Yes. Your child is in college.
You have allowed them to live on their own hundreds of miles away BUT you can't let them handle their own business?

*Buys always scratching themselves.
I understand you may itch but can't you do it in a more discrete way? I don't want to see that!

I asked Colon why guys tend to do that. his response:
"Sometimes you get itchy."

*People think that being rude will get them what they want.
Here's the deal. If you are rude to me, then I will not want to help you. I will want to make it difficult for you. If you are nice, you tug at my heart strings and I want to help you out. It's that simple.

They creep me out.

They are ugly. They are icky. The crawl really fast. Some can fly.
The torment me.
The other day Colon and I were sitting on the couch and from the corner of my eye I saw something small and black fall from the ceiling. It was a roach. I am terrified.

*The number of times I can watch a movie and not get sick of it.
Colon can confirm this. Every night, I play a movie to fall asleep to. AND I am too lazy to switch it out every night so I end up watching the same movie over and over and over and over.

And there is so much more. But I am tired and need to go to bed.

Much love! Hope your week has been great so far!



  1. YES, YES, YES... armpit hair freaks me out, too. But I think I'm freaked out even more if a guy doesn't have it. And parents handling student's business?? Don't even get me started!

  2. Amen about the scratching and parents.
    I could go on and on about both of them, but I won't.

  3. It's true, I can't believe people can be so rude and think they will get what they want!!
    xo TJ


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