Wednesday, September 12, 2012

let's try to be clean...Please...

Another day over. 

The week is almost done for me. One more day left. I ended up working on Labor day so I am taking Friday off. Short week for me. YAY!

What am I going to do now? Take a shower, clean a little bit, and sit down to read a book. When I say clean "a little", we all know that I am under playing the cleaning that I am going to do. Lately I have been noticing every little spot, every little thing that is out of place. This post has been playing in my head since last night. 

Let me give a little bit of background... I must warn you to remember who is describing things to you. I tend to exaggerated!

When Colon cooks, oil ends up everywhere. If a piece of food falls on the floor, it stays there. Dishes pile up in the sink and the stove top is smudged and crusted with sauce/oil/food/etc. Colon's excuse is that he will clean it up AFTER he is done cooking and AFTER we are done eating.

Little does he know that all of that mess is bothering me WHILE he is cooking and WHILE we are eating. OKAY OKAY. He probably knows it AND I am probably being over critical. It just drives me insane. I have known him for five, almost six, years and I still cannot help but wonder HOW he is able to make such a mess. 

But through all of this. I love him. He drives me crazy, but I love him. OH and I found out that he thinks he is a computer. It's a long story, but he does. (He's probably reading this and hating me for it).

This is going to be a short post, but before I go I wanted to recommend a blog for you to read. It's Colon's blog [A Good Engineer is a Lazy Engineer]and he shows how smart (and lazy) he is. You should read it. it's quite interesting!

Heading off to a relaxing night with another great book (I need to update my book list!)


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  1. lol my husband is the same way. It drives me nuts, but I love him anyway!


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