Monday, September 24, 2012

Things that I think are weird...

*Armpit hair. 
Weird on girls. Weird on guys. 
I know. I know. It's probably wrong that I think it's weird but who cares. It just creeps me out.
Whenever a girl lifts her arms and I can see spriglets of hair I shudder a little bit. I just know how uncomfortable it is to have spikey hairs under my arms. :::shudder:::
Whenever a guy lifts his arm and I see hair I gasp a little bit. I don't know why. I just do. The thing is it's weirder when a guy doesn't have hair. Contradiction? I know!

*Parents handling issues for their ADULT children
Yes. Your child is in college.
You have allowed them to live on their own hundreds of miles away BUT you can't let them handle their own business?

*Buys always scratching themselves.
I understand you may itch but can't you do it in a more discrete way? I don't want to see that!

I asked Colon why guys tend to do that. his response:
"Sometimes you get itchy."

*People think that being rude will get them what they want.
Here's the deal. If you are rude to me, then I will not want to help you. I will want to make it difficult for you. If you are nice, you tug at my heart strings and I want to help you out. It's that simple.

They creep me out.

They are ugly. They are icky. The crawl really fast. Some can fly.
The torment me.
The other day Colon and I were sitting on the couch and from the corner of my eye I saw something small and black fall from the ceiling. It was a roach. I am terrified.

*The number of times I can watch a movie and not get sick of it.
Colon can confirm this. Every night, I play a movie to fall asleep to. AND I am too lazy to switch it out every night so I end up watching the same movie over and over and over and over.

And there is so much more. But I am tired and need to go to bed.

Much love! Hope your week has been great so far!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just checking in...

...and I'm here. 

The week is over and it has been about a week since I checked in. Last weekend was great. So great that it was hard to get back into the swing of things. Especially after the three day weekend. 

To be honest, we didn't do much in Miami. We vegged out. But it was with family. It was supposed to be a party weekend because it was K's (Colon's brother) birthday. But that did not happen. 

So, we vegged out and hung out with his family. I am pretty sure I have said it before, but I will say it again. They are amazing. Such a tight knit family and so welcoming. The weekend was also cool because I got to see my mom and sisters. Which was amazing. I had so much fun and am so glad to see my Orlando sister settling into college life at USF. I saw her dorm and she is definitely growing up. So proud!


I am pooped. We went to the Gator game today and the sun wore me out. Soooo...I am going to go. I will leave you with pictures from last weekend.

Miami sister.
Orlando sister.
Shopping in Orlando. Guess who buys  something.

Much love and Go Gators.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Florida sunshowers...

By the time you read this I will be in lovely south Florida. Yup. I took the day (Friday) off and am going to celebrate Colon's brother's birthday. He's turning 21.

As I type this, I am reminded of why I absolutely love Florida. I am here in the car while Colon is driving. It is bright outside. The sky is blue. No scary gray clouds in sight. All of a sudden we hit a wall of rain. The Florida sun showers. I love them. So unexpected. Yet so refreshing.

So many people complain about them but I don't. This is just another thing I am going to miss when I have to leave sunny Florida for Arizona. But Arizona's sunny right?

I keep hearing that Arizona is amazing. It will just be a shock at first. One friend told me "There is no green". This is yet another thing that I love about Florida that I am going to miss.

But, don't get me wrong. I am starting to get excited. A new place. I just have to start my research. Is there anyone out there from Arizona? Any advice? Anything about the weather?

I've got to keep Colon company while he's driving in this rain.

Love you all!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

let's try to be clean...Please...

Another day over. 

The week is almost done for me. One more day left. I ended up working on Labor day so I am taking Friday off. Short week for me. YAY!

What am I going to do now? Take a shower, clean a little bit, and sit down to read a book. When I say clean "a little", we all know that I am under playing the cleaning that I am going to do. Lately I have been noticing every little spot, every little thing that is out of place. This post has been playing in my head since last night. 

Let me give a little bit of background... I must warn you to remember who is describing things to you. I tend to exaggerated!

When Colon cooks, oil ends up everywhere. If a piece of food falls on the floor, it stays there. Dishes pile up in the sink and the stove top is smudged and crusted with sauce/oil/food/etc. Colon's excuse is that he will clean it up AFTER he is done cooking and AFTER we are done eating.

Little does he know that all of that mess is bothering me WHILE he is cooking and WHILE we are eating. OKAY OKAY. He probably knows it AND I am probably being over critical. It just drives me insane. I have known him for five, almost six, years and I still cannot help but wonder HOW he is able to make such a mess. 

But through all of this. I love him. He drives me crazy, but I love him. OH and I found out that he thinks he is a computer. It's a long story, but he does. (He's probably reading this and hating me for it).

This is going to be a short post, but before I go I wanted to recommend a blog for you to read. It's Colon's blog [A Good Engineer is a Lazy Engineer]and he shows how smart (and lazy) he is. You should read it. it's quite interesting!

Heading off to a relaxing night with another great book (I need to update my book list!)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weeks of adjustments...

Look who it is...

Do you remember me?

You know... the [nonexistent] author of this here blog. 

Yes. I know. I missed you, too. I've just had so many things going on here in my little world and the lack of blogging motivation did not help anything. It never does.

But, I missed my blogging buddies and all of a sudden found my blogging motivation. What spurred the motivation? I have no freaking idea. I just was in the mood.

My last post was kind of heavy. But it also had some great news.

Norton joined the family. (FYI... Norton is my sister's turtle). I have wanted a tortoise for a few years and now I have a turtle. You won't believe how often I sit by the tank and watch Norton swim around. I absolutely love him. He has stolen everyone's heart. Even Colon's. Colon puts on this front. He says that he doesn't really like Norton. BUT I see him play with Norton when I am not around. He doesn't fool me.

Colon came back! Yup, you read that right. He's back and I can honestly say my life feels complete. Having him here is amazing and I am already dreading when he has to leave for his job in January. he will be leaving for good. BUT I refuse to think about that.

Think about the positive Lourdes. (And that's a command). I am talking to myself. Just great. Having Colon back has been great but he is driving me crazy... with happiness. Seriously though. These two weeks have been an adjustment.

Think about it. He has been gone for three or four months. Enough time for me to come up with a routine. When he was gone, I was allowed to be lazy and there was no one there to tell me I was crazy to clean my apartment every day. Yes. I cleaned EVERY DAY. Don't look surprised. I have mentioned that I was a little bit of a clean freak. So, you can imagine how irritating it could be when my not so cleanly (as me) boyfriend leaves things out. All I can say is that it is an adjustment.

Things have been getting better though. It's always amazing when I come home and see that he has made an effort. Just the other day I came home and he was cleaning his man cave. He's definitely a keeper! This is only reinforced by the fact that he has an awesome family, lets me play video games, AND takes me to football games.

His parents have come up twice and I have had an amazing time with them each time that they have been up. Taking them around Gainesville so that they could see the town in which their son has lived for the past few years. They even came last weekend and went to a football game.

  Our first football game of the season.

So much fun. Although Florida football has changed drastically in the last few years (from my undergrad...Tim Tebow...cough cough), it is always fun to go to a Gator game. The swamp is amazing and I was so happy to share that experience with Colon's parents. I am sure that they enjoyed themselves.

And because this post is getting just a little bit long, I will just post pictures of my current obsessions. All pictures were taken and posted to Instagram.

1. Doctor Who
 2. Diablo III
3. Turtle measuring cups
4. Football Oreo Cookies

So, I think I will leave for now but before I go, keep your prayers and thoughts with those who died on this day in 2001. Never forget!

Love you all!