Monday, July 2, 2012

You mean it's normal to....

Thank God it's Tuesday [night].

I cannot believe I just said that. On a normal week, I would hate Tuesdays. They are just too far from Friday. I would spend Tuesdays (and Mondays...and Wednesdays...and Thursdays... and Fridays... Pretty much every day of the week to be honest) longing for the weekend. But not this week. Wednesday is July 4th [AKA Independence day...Just in case you didn't know]. Fireworks. Barbecues. No work.

The last two days have been long and intense. My work day starting at 8am and lasting until 7pm. All I can say is that I admire people that do that on the regular. :::cough:::Kirsten:::cough::: Needless to say I am extremely relieved that I have tomorrow off. I can actually get some rest.

So i am going to stop my rambling and continue onto something fun. I had so much fun participating in the "Is that normal" link up and I wanted to do it again. So here I go!

1. Is it normal to live with your parents past the age of 24?

I think this depends on the person. Some people just aren't to that point in their lives yet. 

I just know that living at home past the age of 24 is not normal for me. But, I also left home when I went to college and I have never been back. I cannot imagine living at home anymore. I would feel bad. Like I am taking advantage of my mom. Especially since I have a degree. People need to grow up at some point and I think it needs to happen way before 24. 

Colon and I have had many conversations about this and according to my boyfriend Hispanics tend to live at home until they get married. I'm glad I am dating a Hispanic who doesn't live at home because in all honesty I wouldn't be able to get beyond that.

2. Is it normal to leave your house and/or car unlocked?

No. No. No. It terrifies me when people do this. Maybe I am paranoid and overprotective. I don't care. This is not normal. You might live in a gated community with a security guard BUT anything could happen. I think it is absolutely stupid when people do this. 

3. Is it normal to prefer using your a men's razor instead of a women's?

Yes. I get a better shave when I use men's razors. I love it. 

Ha. Colon is going to come back to Gainesville and find a men's razor in the shower. 

Colon. I promise the men's razor that you see in my shower is mine and does not belong to my Florida boyfriend. 

4. Is it normal to go back to bed right after showering for a quick nap?

I don't do this. SO I am going to go with no. Do people actually do this? Weird...

5. Is it normal to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag?

Is this NOT normal? I always thought this was. In my house, this is SO normal and happens SO often that I have to stop myself from buying chocolate chips. 

6. Is it normal to check behind the shower curtain or under the bed before you get in?

This was normal when I was younger. Not know. Not when I am 24. The only time I have done this recently is when I saw a roach in the apartment and it disappeared before I could kill it. I sure as HELL was looking under my bed to make sure that freaking roach wasn't there. [[If you could not tell, I am EXTREMELY afraid of roaches. It sucks that they live in the vegetation of Florida!]]

7. Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Yes. I am pretty sure this blog is me talking to myself. Plus, I don;t know how many times people have caught me talking to myself. sound Crazy? Oh f*ing well...

8. Is it normal to bite your nails?

Yes. Especially under stress. This is such a bad habit of mine. It has gotten to the point that I pick the skin around my nails. Horrible. Disgusting. But normal!

9. Is it normal to go to bed without brushing your teeth?

It happens. Sometimes you are just too tired and you just forget. Sounds disgusting. I know. I would say it's normal!

10. Is it normal to "baby talk" your pet?

Hmmmm... yes?!? I baby talk to my fish. I wouldn't call it normal, though. 

That was fun and now it's time to go to bed!

Kiss kiss. Hug hug.


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  1. Colon is correct. Hispanics do tend to that.In my situation, it was weird because my parents moved back in with me so that I could help them out.

    Oh and I am constantly thinking out loud. I tend to forget I am doing it and then some lady in some store will give me a weird look. HA!


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