Monday, July 30, 2012

Waking up to a stranger...

Lourdes here.

In my bed. Being a lazy butt.

Tired as ever but every time I close my eyes, I start to think. So, I open my computer and Pinterest  gets the best of me. That site has consumed my thoughts. Every time I see something cute I start to think

"I should pin that".

I swear I have problems. And Pinterest isn't the only one. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a robbey that I witnesssed at a pool. It scared the shit out of me.

Then a couple of days later I receive a message from the university message system about a stabbing.

Then a  week and a half after that I hear about the  shooting in Aurora.

I am scared people. Scared to the point that I am having nightmares. 
I actually have had the same dream for the past couple of days. In my dream I am sleeping and something wakes me up. When I look up, I see a stranger staring back at me. This freaking creeps me out. I am so afraid of someone breaking/sneaking in during the night. It's to the point that I double/triple check my windows and door before I settle into bed for the night. Crazy, huh?

How do I get rid of this fear? I ask because I need sleep. I wake  up in the middle of the night and it leaves me exhausted in the morning.  any suggestions?

Ok... It's about time I start pinning... Ahem... I mean head to bed.

Love you all!

XO lourdes

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PSS...  sorry my last post was so  depressing

PSSS... This is being typed on my phone.


  1. oh no, sometimes when i'm scared (especially when i'm about to go to sleep) and my mind keeps wandering, i start to daydream about happy things, about future goals that i want to accomplish, or traveling. keep your mind focused on the positive so that when you fall asleep you have good dreams. hope this helps!
    oh, and happy pinning ;)
    xo TJ

  2. I've heard that the warmer the weather, the higher the crime rate. So... hopefully things will get better and you'll be able to sleep easier soon.

  3. Pick up a trashy magazine or lighthearted book to read right before bed. I've heard that helps.


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