Thursday, July 5, 2012

I nominate you!

Back to work after such a wonderful day. At least I did not spend the day catching up on Real Housewives...which I may or may not have done over the past few weekends. I am kind of ashamed that I love the shows.

Actually....I am not. 

Watching these shows gives me a reason to laugh and fulfills my weekly need for drama. [[Better to get it from a TV show than in real life... right?]] Anyways, I always find myself picking favorites in these shows and my loyalties always seem to shift. 

But enough about reality TV. 

I was surprised the other day when I tweet from Nilda at Laughter, Love, and Necklaces. I "met" Nilda through the Bloggers Coast to Coast event hosted by Shane on Whispering Sweet Nothings. I have started to get to know her and I think she is awesome! 

So, this tweet basically let me know that she nominated me for the Versatile blogger award. I have never been nominated for any blog award and am usually not into link-ups and all that stuff. Saying that, I do want to say that this is such an honor. I started my blog for myself. I was not expecting ANY readers and I was fine with that. Now I am nominated for an award by someone who is not a member of my family! Ha!

So, here are the rules to the award:

1) Thank the nominating blogger and link to their site. check
2) Give 7 random facts about yourself. Can do!
3) Nominate 15 other bloggers, link to their sites and let them know! 

Here I go with the random facts:

1. I think I have trypophobia. Don't know what it is ...look it up! Creepy!

2. I love Archie comics. I used to collect them and now find myself buying them every time I go to the grocery store.

3. I absolutely love frogs. I would have one for a pet if Colon wasn't afraid of them opposed to having one. [[he really isn't afraid of them!]]

4. I cannot go without washing my hair once a day. I cannot stand the feeling of oil build up in my hair. 

5. I am afraid of needles and always get sick when I see them. Also, seeing operations of any kind (even on TV) will make me lightheaded and sick!

6. I was the mayor of Sonny's (in Gainesville) on Foursquare for a couple of weeks. Yes. I eat there a lot. 

7. When I tell a story, I do not get right to the point. I will tell you the smallest details to paint the picture. this is something that drives Colon crazy!

I am nominating the following blogs. I don't want to pressure any of them to create a post about the award, I just want to spread the word about the blogs. All of the blogs that I list here are blogs that I follow daily and that I look forward to read!

1. Ruffles and stuff  This is one of the first blogs that I followed. 
3. Megan @ Greetings from Texas Such a great read. I laugh every time I read her posts!
6. Colon @A Goog Engineer is a Lazy Engineer I HAVE to nominate him. He's my boyfriend. You can check out his blog if you want but he doesn't post often. 
8. Adam @ Books of Adam HILARIOUS

Go check them out!



  1. You're welcome! I think you're pretty awesome yourself.

    Oh and I too am afraid of needles. I also take forever to tell a story, because I give a lot of details too. Knew I liked you for a reason!

  2. yay! Thank you for the nomination! I will be blogging about this tomorrow! :)

  3. Cute! and I agree, I can't go without washing my hair either--- even if I wake up and it looks great, I just cannot stand the feeling!

  4. Congrats on your bloggy award!!

  5. aw, thanks for the nomination girl! you are absolutely adorable!
    xo TJ

  6. I have never seen that show, but totally should watch it! I know what you mean by getting your little drama and laugh fix though, that's why reality TV is so great! ha :)

  7. I use to love Archie Comics! I have not read one in ages...I think I will pick one up next time I am at the store!


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