Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why is Debby crying?


That's me. Drowning. In all of this rain. All because of Tropical Storm Debby. 

I could sit here and complain about the rain but it would be a lie. I am absolutely loving it. Waking up to the pitter patter of the rain. Knowing that I could spend the day reading (which I did) and actually have a reason to do it. Oh, isn't life wonderful!

It just sucks that the week starts tomorrow. It came so fast after a lazy weekend. I literally woke up at 11:45 yesterday. I had to fight the urge to stay and and forced myself out of the house. What did I do? I went to the library, of course! I renewed my library card and spent a couple of hours reading my book. I even left with 2 books! Oh, how I have missed the feel of an actual book in my hand. (Shhh... don't tell my Kindle!)

What else did I do yesterday? I actually got my ass off the couch and RAN! Yup. It was amazing and I felt great! My body was crying from happiness. It missed physical activity. It really did. 

And then.... I let my body down today. I woke up to the sound of rain and knew that I wasn't going to be stepping outside for anything physical. So, I stayed indoors and read. I only left my house to go to Sonny's

I know some of you read that last line and laughed. For those of you who do not know me, I will explain. I LOVE Sonny's. I would go there everyday if I wasn't afraid of the Sonny's workers judging me. The saddest part is, I usually go for the salad bar. Once I am there, I end up adding a pulled pork side. YUMMY.

 I actually was just ousted as the Mayor of Sonny's on Foursquare. Yes. Sad, huh? To my credit, I had only been there 4 or 5 times before I became mayor. Now, I just have to get my title back!

OK... I need to head to bed. Work in the morning... Hopefully Debby stops crying by then! I hate wasting valuable reading time (AKA rainy days) at work!


PS... Does blblblblblb sound like drowning? 

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  1. I prefer rain over sun. The sun is always bothering me with its brightness and heat.
    Sounds like a great day


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