Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank you Hallmark...

Picture this:

Me. Nothing to do. I have read for so long that I need to rest my eyes. I am still caught up in the world of the book I am reading so I am not ready for human interaction. (Again, loner tendencies kicking in. Surprise. Surprise)

Maybe Colon and I could go somewhere...

Oh... Wait. I forgot. He's not here.

What do I do?

Run to the store, of course.

I don't really need anything. BUT, since I have nothing to do, I can just pick up batteries. Or candles. Or milk. Or water. Or whatever else would be nice to have.

I have made this into a habit. I have found myself making unnecessary trips to stores. Going for one thing and coming out spending more than I bargained for. What are the most common things that I find myself buying?

Let's see...

*Makeup -Which is funny since I don't really wear makeup.

*Movies- When I see them on sale, I just cannot help but buy them. I just recently bought Amelie and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Two GREAT movies.

Yup. An Instagram photo.

* Candy/ Junk food -This is a horrible, horrible, horrible habit! Almond Hersheys Kisses all the way!

*Clothes and shoes - I am sure that I do not have to explain this.

*Cards for Colon
Every time I go to the store, I look at the card aisle. I almost always leave with one. The thing is, I miss him so much and wish he was here. This internship is different. The time difference is more prominent this time around. When he calls in the morning, I am well into my work day. During my lunch break he is well into his work day. When he calls at night, I am already getting ready for bed OR am already fast asleep. All I can say is THIS SUCKS. I miss him.

The cards make me feel better. Thank you Hallmark! You are saving my life!

Just looked at the time and I have to head to bed. Love you all!


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