Saturday, June 2, 2012

My favorite apple...

Two or three weeks ago, Colon took me to New York. Yes. He is a sweet boy and he definitely won some brownie points with that move.

But let's not get off track. He took me to New York. I took two days off and I had a blast. I thought it would be fun if I documented the happenings of my trip on this here blog. I also thought it would be nice to post a couple slide-shows of pictures from the trip. I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to. I also took thousands of pictures of Colon but did not get too many of me. This always happens and it makes me so sad.

So, day one of my adventure began with the travels from Tampa. Thank you to Karim, who probably does not read my blog but I am still going to say "Thank you". He is awesome and helped us out by
a) letting me keep my car at his house
b)saving me from paying for parking at the airport and
c)giving us a ride to the airport.

The plane ride was amazing. I demanded begged Colon for the window seat and of course I got my way. The view was beautiful. I have this thing about clouds. They are just breathtaking and the view of them from an airplane window made me want to cry. Kind of  sad, right? Do you want to know what's even sadder? The first couple of pictures were taken in the plane. Camera pointed to the window. The main focus was the clouds.

I have to say that I love plane rides and can never keep still. I drove Colon crazy. There he was trying to sleep and I kept moving. When I had my camera out I kept snapping pictures of Colon. If I did not have my camera out, I was shuffling through my bag to take out other forms of entertainment. (And yes, I Do have a Nintendo DS!)

I could make this post extremely wordy but I am going to chose not to. I just want to give a rundown of our activities.

day one :
*Ride on the Airtrain. It was our way into the city and I HAD to embarrass myself by whipping out my camera and taking pictures of the train tracks and the approaching train. I am definitely that embarrassing tourist!

*Check into our hotel

*Top of the Rock- The most beautiful views of the city. You should have seen Colon's face. He fell in love with the city while he was looking at it from the top of the Rockefeller building.

*Nintendo world - OF COURSE we had to buy a game!

*Lego world- where I was tempted to buy a Lego set of some sort. I never grew out of my Lego-building phase.

*M&M world- We got Orange and Blue M&M's (GO GATORS)

*Time's Square- It was a quick walk through and it was spectacular. All of the lights and people. It was unreal.

So, we spent our first day checking out all of the spots. After looking at the list of things we did, I have started to realize how immature we are. 

Day two was even better.

*Yankee stadium -Colon's favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees. He loved visiting the stadium.

* The Met- You need more then a couple of hours here. We definitely want to visit this museum again!

* Brooklyn Bridge

* Central Park

* At the end of the night, we met with one of Colon's friends and his girlfriend. It was great seeing them and I am happy to say that they got engaged two days later! I regret to say that I did not take any pictures of our time spent with Colon's friends.

Day three:

*World Trade Center memorial

*Little Italy -I stuffed my face and I am not ashamed. So many deserts


* After dinner we walked Times Square

Day four

The day we left. Such a sad day. Oh and it was my birthday! YAY!

*Central park- Colon took me on a carriage ride around the city. Have I said that I loved him?

*FAO Schwartz

*Grand Central Station -Beautiful and huge!

I had an amazing time and am so happy that I got to spend time with Colon in New York. I know he had a blast and I loved seeing his reaction to the different places we went to.  

I will never forget this trip! It was the first time I flew with my love!

Plus, NY is by far my favorite apple!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

XO Lourdes

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