Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Normal? Why yes, yes I am!

Guess what...

It's STILL raining and the winds are intense. I keep looking outside for signs of a tornado. That is probably not the wisest thing to do. But whatever.

And... because it's raining I decided to participate in a link-up. I never do these, but I have been following this one for a couple of weeks and have LOVED all of the previous questions. I might make this a habit. Key word: MIGHT. [[ I hate it when every post on someone's blog is a link-up. I can't explain it... I just do]]

1. Is it normal to lie about your age?

No. Why do it? Although I guess I can say that because I'm only 24. Ask me this 20 years from now. I may give a different answer then. 

2. Is it normal to have mistaken someone for the opposite sex?

I am guilty of this. Thus, I am going to say yes! Just so you know, I have created awkward situations because of this!

3. Is it normal to go #2 in a public restroom?

Ha! I have to say yes and no. Only do it if you are in a "I'm going to poop my pants if I don't go now" situation. IF you are not in the aforementioned situation and decide to go anyways, then there is one rule:

Try to do it when no one else is in the restroom.

There is nothing more awkward when I am washing my hands in the restroom or hovering over the toilet seat while peeing and I get an inkling that you are number-two-ing in the next stall. [And yes, do the hover in public restrooms. Just the thought of my butt on a public toilet seat makes me nauseous]

4. Is it normal to sit RIGHT NEXT TO a stranger at the movie theater?

Yes, if the theatre is packed.

Otherwise do not sit RIGHT next to me. It makes me want to punch your face [over-exaggeration] when people do this in a theatre that is not packed. I hate sharing my arm rest and I hate the passive-aggresive "This is my cup holder" game that ensues.

5. Is it normal to lie about your weight?

No. There is no reason for this. Lying about your weight implies that you are insecure. Own your weight. Be yourself and love who you are. 

With that said, it IS normal to forget or not know your weight. Hell, I don't know how much I weigh at the moment. If you ask me, I weigh between 120-140. If you want a better answer, then bring me a scale and I will stand on it for you. 

6. Is it normal to sing and dance in the car?

I do this all the time. So, yes. I think it is normal. I call bull shit to anyone who says they do not do this. I know you do. Why lie about it?

7. Is it normal to take self-pictures in public?

Normal? No. 
Do I do it? Yes.  

8. Is it normal for women to have a gun license?

I hate to say it but it isn't normal. I wish it was. Come on girls, let's go get us a gun license and create the new "normal"!

9. Is it normal to post pictures online of yourself in a bikini?

If it's a picture in a beach setting with friends, then it's fine. BUT if you are there doing a "sexy" [notice the quotes] pose, then NO. 

NO. NO. NO.  and I hate it when I see girls do it. Wake up and get a life people. When you put a picture of yourself in a bikini on any sort of social media it looks trashy and it gives off the worst impression of yourself. Think about what you do. Remember that anything you post will come back to  haunt you in the future. 

10. Is it normal to like the smell of gasoline?

Yes. I always get the strangest looks from people when I tell them that I like the smell of gasoline. Yup. They give me a funny look and then they say "So, do I". Don't lie. You know you do, too!

That was fun. I might just continue doing this!

Before I go, do me a favor. 

Read this

Please, please, please, PLEASE pray for Rebecca. Pray for her recovery. Pray for her family. Pray for her twin sister, Catherine. 

Hope everyone is having a nice night!


PS...Let's count how many times I used the word "awkward" in this post!?!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why is Debby crying?


That's me. Drowning. In all of this rain. All because of Tropical Storm Debby. 

I could sit here and complain about the rain but it would be a lie. I am absolutely loving it. Waking up to the pitter patter of the rain. Knowing that I could spend the day reading (which I did) and actually have a reason to do it. Oh, isn't life wonderful!

It just sucks that the week starts tomorrow. It came so fast after a lazy weekend. I literally woke up at 11:45 yesterday. I had to fight the urge to stay and and forced myself out of the house. What did I do? I went to the library, of course! I renewed my library card and spent a couple of hours reading my book. I even left with 2 books! Oh, how I have missed the feel of an actual book in my hand. (Shhh... don't tell my Kindle!)

What else did I do yesterday? I actually got my ass off the couch and RAN! Yup. It was amazing and I felt great! My body was crying from happiness. It missed physical activity. It really did. 

And then.... I let my body down today. I woke up to the sound of rain and knew that I wasn't going to be stepping outside for anything physical. So, I stayed indoors and read. I only left my house to go to Sonny's

I know some of you read that last line and laughed. For those of you who do not know me, I will explain. I LOVE Sonny's. I would go there everyday if I wasn't afraid of the Sonny's workers judging me. The saddest part is, I usually go for the salad bar. Once I am there, I end up adding a pulled pork side. YUMMY.

 I actually was just ousted as the Mayor of Sonny's on Foursquare. Yes. Sad, huh? To my credit, I had only been there 4 or 5 times before I became mayor. Now, I just have to get my title back!

OK... I need to head to bed. Work in the morning... Hopefully Debby stops crying by then! I hate wasting valuable reading time (AKA rainy days) at work!


PS... Does blblblblblb sound like drowning? 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Talk about embarrassing...

I want to start with :

Thank God it's Friday!

Today was a bipolar an interesting day.

Like all week days, the day started off with work. Work today was busy and the day went by slowly... It dragged on and on. It helped that I was busy. It didn't help that I had a wardrobe malfunction. Yup. I did. 

I actually woke up early today and took time to get ready. I picked out a purple button down top with a black skirt. A reliable outfit. I definitely was not expecting something to go wrong throughout the day. 

  I was wrong. 

I didn't realize anything until I got back from my second bank trip. I walk into my office and start to smooth my skirt when I realize that my zipper was unzipped. I tried to zip it back up and realized that my zipper was stuck.

Yup, did you see the picture. (Please don't make fun of my illustration!) What I was trying to get across was that the slider (I had to Google the different parts of a zipper) was stuck and the part below the fastener that should have been zipped was not fastened. Thus, there was a huge hole.

I don't know how long I was walking around with the hole and I don't know if anyone noticed the hole. But if they noticed it, then they were def seeing my underthings! I was so embarrassed and so ready to get out of there so that I could ditch the skirt.

Fast forward to freedom. The work week was over and I was ready to do something.What did I do?

I saw Brave!

Such a great movie and I left completely satisfied with my decision to watch it. It did not even bother me that I watched it alone. [Yes. I go to the movies alone. It may sound weird. It may sound sad. But it does not bother me.]

Oh and the previews were amazing. I added a few movies to my must-watch list.

I have been waiting for The Hobbit for the longest time. I cannot wait to watch it!

Notice that two out of three of the movies that I listed are kids movies. That says something about my maturity!

Does anyone else out there go to the movies alone? Do you think it is weird?

Oh well. I will leave now before this post gets more random!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank you Hallmark...

Picture this:

Me. Nothing to do. I have read for so long that I need to rest my eyes. I am still caught up in the world of the book I am reading so I am not ready for human interaction. (Again, loner tendencies kicking in. Surprise. Surprise)

Maybe Colon and I could go somewhere...

Oh... Wait. I forgot. He's not here.

What do I do?

Run to the store, of course.

I don't really need anything. BUT, since I have nothing to do, I can just pick up batteries. Or candles. Or milk. Or water. Or whatever else would be nice to have.

I have made this into a habit. I have found myself making unnecessary trips to stores. Going for one thing and coming out spending more than I bargained for. What are the most common things that I find myself buying?

Let's see...

*Makeup -Which is funny since I don't really wear makeup.

*Movies- When I see them on sale, I just cannot help but buy them. I just recently bought Amelie and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Two GREAT movies.

Yup. An Instagram photo.

* Candy/ Junk food -This is a horrible, horrible, horrible habit! Almond Hersheys Kisses all the way!

*Clothes and shoes - I am sure that I do not have to explain this.

*Cards for Colon
Every time I go to the store, I look at the card aisle. I almost always leave with one. The thing is, I miss him so much and wish he was here. This internship is different. The time difference is more prominent this time around. When he calls in the morning, I am well into my work day. During my lunch break he is well into his work day. When he calls at night, I am already getting ready for bed OR am already fast asleep. All I can say is THIS SUCKS. I miss him.

The cards make me feel better. Thank you Hallmark! You are saving my life!

Just looked at the time and I have to head to bed. Love you all!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To my dear friend...


You know who you are. 

You are so special to me. 

I cherish your friendship and all of the times we have spent together.

I hope this day is amazing for you! You deserve it!

Love you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pesky little thing...

Yup...I'm horrible with this keeping in touch thing. I think my phone just hates me. 

Whenever I have it in my hands, it never seems to ring. 

When it does ring, I am either

a) in a different room, or 
b) in a setting where I cannot answer it (i.e. work)

I guess I really shouldn't blame it on my phone. It really is my fault. I just don't pay too much attention to my phone.

I just reread what I wrote and realized how depressed I sound. The funny part is that I am not depressed. I am actually quite happy. I went thrifting today and found a couple of cool pieces of clothing. I absolutely enjoy thrifting and always look for pieces that I can "fix-up". So, that's what I did today! I even had time to make adjustments to the items I bought! Cannot wait to show off my handiwork. 

I will leave you with the following:

"My magic brings Voldemort to the yard...
And I'm like...
It's hurting my scars"

Love that!


I do realize that this is such a random post!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fifty shades of moody

I have been falling into a rut for the past two or three weeks. I have had so many diversions and yet I find myself closing in. Shrinking away from human contact. All I want to do is stay in and relax. I'm not depressed. It's just a phase.

While I have been in this mood, I could think of nothing else to do but read. Yup. I have read 5 books in the last three weeks.

The last book I mentioned was Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. It was the first book to the Wideacre series and this was the second time that i have read it. I have read the series when I was younger and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. So, after I finished Wideacre I immediately started reading the next book.

This is the second book of the series and it is set in Wideacre after Harry and Beatrice are dead. Julia and Richard are left to carry on the Lacey name. This book is just as engrossing as Wideacre is. I constantly found myself cursing Richard and rooting Julia on. AND I am sure that if you read this book you will have the same feelings! READ THE BOOK! I promise it won't disappoint. 

This is the third and final book in the series. This book is different. It is not solely set on Wideacre and Meridon is different. I was so frustrated with her at times and wanted to slap her for the decisions that she makes. But in the end I ended up loving her just as I loved her mother and her grandmother. I would say that this is a must-read!

After this series, I wanted to read more of Philippa Gregory books. I had read her Tudor line before and wanted to read it again. I decided to take a break from this author and try something else. For a couple of weeks now, People have been mentioning the Fifty Shades series by E.L. James. The last time I spoke with my sister, she recommended that I read them. Then, my mother had just recently visited me and gave me the Fifty Shades series books. 


  MY MOTHER gave it to me. 

So, I was intrigued. I picked up the books and started them. A week after starting them, I was done. I was obsessed. i could not put the books down. When I first started them, I was skeptical. Was I really going to like this?

I did. I ended up falling in love with Mr. Christian Grey. 

Yes. I said it. 

I fell in love. 

It is a great love story and all you girls out there should read it. I am going to keep tabs on E.L. James and am looking forward to her future works!

So, These five books bring my tally to 17 books. 

1. Dracula -Bram Stoker
2. The Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire -Anne Rice
3. The Vampire Chronicles: The Vampire Lestat -Anne Rice
4. The Vampire Chronicles: The Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice
5. The Vampire Chronicles: The Tale of the Body Thief -Anne Rice
6. The Hunger Games -Suzanne Collins
7. Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins
8. Mockingjay -Suzanne Collins
9. Alice in Wonderland -Lewis Carrol
10. Memoirs of a Geisha
11. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- F. Scott Fitzgerald
12. Wideacre -Philippa Gregory
13. The Favoured Child- Philippa Gregory
14. Meridon -Philippa Gregory
15. Fifty Shades of Grey- E.L. James
16. Fifty Shades Darker -E.L. James
17. Fifty Shades Freed -E.L. James

So... my mood has not changed and I think I will keep reading. Now to decide on a book... 

Any ideas?


Saturday, June 2, 2012

My favorite apple...

Two or three weeks ago, Colon took me to New York. Yes. He is a sweet boy and he definitely won some brownie points with that move.

But let's not get off track. He took me to New York. I took two days off and I had a blast. I thought it would be fun if I documented the happenings of my trip on this here blog. I also thought it would be nice to post a couple slide-shows of pictures from the trip. I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to. I also took thousands of pictures of Colon but did not get too many of me. This always happens and it makes me so sad.

So, day one of my adventure began with the travels from Tampa. Thank you to Karim, who probably does not read my blog but I am still going to say "Thank you". He is awesome and helped us out by
a) letting me keep my car at his house
b)saving me from paying for parking at the airport and
c)giving us a ride to the airport.

The plane ride was amazing. I demanded begged Colon for the window seat and of course I got my way. The view was beautiful. I have this thing about clouds. They are just breathtaking and the view of them from an airplane window made me want to cry. Kind of  sad, right? Do you want to know what's even sadder? The first couple of pictures were taken in the plane. Camera pointed to the window. The main focus was the clouds.

I have to say that I love plane rides and can never keep still. I drove Colon crazy. There he was trying to sleep and I kept moving. When I had my camera out I kept snapping pictures of Colon. If I did not have my camera out, I was shuffling through my bag to take out other forms of entertainment. (And yes, I Do have a Nintendo DS!)

I could make this post extremely wordy but I am going to chose not to. I just want to give a rundown of our activities.

day one :
*Ride on the Airtrain. It was our way into the city and I HAD to embarrass myself by whipping out my camera and taking pictures of the train tracks and the approaching train. I am definitely that embarrassing tourist!

*Check into our hotel

*Top of the Rock- The most beautiful views of the city. You should have seen Colon's face. He fell in love with the city while he was looking at it from the top of the Rockefeller building.

*Nintendo world - OF COURSE we had to buy a game!

*Lego world- where I was tempted to buy a Lego set of some sort. I never grew out of my Lego-building phase.

*M&M world- We got Orange and Blue M&M's (GO GATORS)

*Time's Square- It was a quick walk through and it was spectacular. All of the lights and people. It was unreal.

So, we spent our first day checking out all of the spots. After looking at the list of things we did, I have started to realize how immature we are. 

Day two was even better.

*Yankee stadium -Colon's favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees. He loved visiting the stadium.

* The Met- You need more then a couple of hours here. We definitely want to visit this museum again!

* Brooklyn Bridge

* Central Park

* At the end of the night, we met with one of Colon's friends and his girlfriend. It was great seeing them and I am happy to say that they got engaged two days later! I regret to say that I did not take any pictures of our time spent with Colon's friends.

Day three:

*World Trade Center memorial

*Little Italy -I stuffed my face and I am not ashamed. So many deserts


* After dinner we walked Times Square

Day four

The day we left. Such a sad day. Oh and it was my birthday! YAY!

*Central park- Colon took me on a carriage ride around the city. Have I said that I loved him?

*FAO Schwartz

*Grand Central Station -Beautiful and huge!

I had an amazing time and am so happy that I got to spend time with Colon in New York. I know he had a blast and I loved seeing his reaction to the different places we went to.  

I will never forget this trip! It was the first time I flew with my love!

Plus, NY is by far my favorite apple!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

XO Lourdes